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Do We Get Along? Sign-by-Sign

Scorpio female and Aquarius male

Aquarius: How good, my dear, beloved Scorpio woman, just how good are you at playing long odds? What was that line from that movie, the one that has been bantered about so much? “Feel lucky punk? Go ahead, make my day.” Such a good Scorpio line and so evocative what this relationship is like.

You two are almost always going to feel like you are at odds with each other. I have no polite way to get around this. To borrow from another source, a country song that was popular not long ago, “Sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield.” I will always suggest that you’re the windshield, the flattening force or the driving force in this relationship, but that’s not always the case. There will be days when Mr. Aquarius gets the upper hand, and he rolls right over you. That’s when you revert to your Scorpio archetype. Ever try to crush one? It’s real hard and it doesn’t usually work unless you grind really hard with your boot heel. Even then, that Scorpio stinger is still loaded with potentially fatal poison.

So the Aquarius guy will eventually try to run you over, and like I’ve suggested, that doesn’t work. The other problem with this relationship is the emotional needs of each partner. Consult with an average astrologer, and they will tell you that Aquarius have no emotions. Ask me, and I’ll suggest different, but I will point out that the Aquarius isn’t very well equipped to deal with your Scorpio feelings.

We’re back to the odds. It’s not like this is completely doomed. But if you’re contemplating dating an Aquarius, give him a very thorough examination before you take the plunge. As you’re looking him over, ask yourself, “Do I feel lucky today?”

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Virgo woman and Taurus male

TaurusTaurus: The Taurus male is a curious creature. At once, he is both sensuous and macho, and those are fine qualities. Of course, in the present condition of modern society, this can prove to be a daunting task. Still the Taurus Sun Sign is an Earth Sign, and it is a Fixed one, as well. This makes for an excellent combination with a Virgo. Remember, you Virgo’s are Mutable Earth Signs. The Fixed/Mutable combination is good, and given that both these signs are earth, makes this even better.

There is a healthy dose of reality in here that helps. From what I’ve seen, a Virgo female can be terribly tenacious. Perhaps just my own observation, but it’s not without a quantity of personal research on my part. And when this Virgo gets hooked up with Taurus, there will be certain problems. It has to do with who is more stubborn.

Here’s a hint, let him think he’s right. A Virgo can work with the Taurus because there is a strength that comes from the signs being rather alike in so many ways. The one problem area is probably the typical Virgo fastidiousness that is not likely to be well received by a Taurus. I’m not saying that all Taurus males are messy or that all Virgo females need a bathroom clean enough for surgery, but in this area, there does need to be a degree of peace. You both have a few housekeeping issues to work through before you’re ready for the big commitment.

On paper, in my dusty old astrology texts, and in the ancient lore, I’ve found that this can be a good combination, oftentimes bereft of the high drama found with other combinations. That does indicate—to me—that there is a good chance for a stable happiness.


Gemini Girl and Leo Man

geminiLeo: You know my fine little Gemini friend, this one looks good on paper. But you had better steel yourself for what is coming up with this relationship. Next to you, that Leo guy is going to appear like he is quite stuck. Stuck up, stuck in one place, stuck on old ideas, stuck on outdated ideals, just stuck. He just doesn’t seem flexible at all.

To be sure, it has been suggested that a few Gemini’s that I know could use a little stability in their lives. To suggest that it’s a Leo who will provide that stability, well, we are dealing with a Fixed sign. He’s not quite as stubborn as, say a Taurus. Nor is he as set in his ways as say, a Scorpio. But you’ve still got a difficult proposition. Every, without an exception, Gemini girl I’ve ever met has had that ability to change and adapt herself to various situations. You’re going to find that Mr. Leo isn’t so willing to change. He likes a little planning, a little bit of a clear agenda, a map to follow. I’ve seen a Gemini start out with a map, but then I’ve also seen that same Gemini change her mind about what the map says, “Look—this was printed in—last year. I know they have changed these streets around since then.”

There is an excellent quality about the Royal Sign of Leo. If you are willing to deal with His Highness Himself, and perhaps, even address him as such, you will find that you are well treated. Therein is the good news. But one the Gemini traits I find so endearing is the very fickle nature of your being, and Mr. Leo isn’t going to find that nearly as amusing.

Dining is a fine example. Mr. Leo likes the same food, prepared the same way, every time. He gets locked into a menu item, let’s suggest it’s steak and baked potato, and he likes the same cut of meat, every week, the same way. With my various Gemini friends, I’ve tried everything from the truly exotic and tasty to the mundane. It’s been an adventure. And it’s never quite the same. Always a little different. One time, it was “do you mind if I just order two desserts for dinner?” With me, that wasn’t a problem, in fact the little pastry thing was quite good, [I got to sample.] But with the Leo, that’s not a good idea.

If your Leo is the adventuring type, and if a little bit of routine is good for your lifestyle, then this relationship works well. But most Gemini’s are quickly bored with a Leo. He comes across as a “one trick pony.” I didn’t say he was, but that’s inclined to be the Gemini version of the story.


Sagittarius female and Capricorn male

Capricorn: Seek professional help now. You’ve fallen for a Cap guy. You need a check up from the neck up. You really should know better. There’s been a recent deluge of charts I’ve looked at, good Sagittarius women, darling every last one of them, and they all seem to have a plethora of planets in Capricorn. Not the sun sign, but other orbiting little planets like Jupiter and Saturn, maybe Venus or Mars.

Then this person finds herself looking long and hard at a Capricorn guy. To be sure, there’s a little bit of astro–glue in the charts, but let’s be reasonable here…. he’s a Capricorn, fer chrissakes.

I happen to have a lot of really long standing and well–intentioned relationships with guy Caps. But I’m not sleeping with them. Pretty simple fact. And I’m not going to be sleeping with them in the foreseeable future, “not in this lifetime” is a likely phrase. Not this body. So I get along with a Capricorn guy in a most excellent manner. Funny, witty, droll, entertaining, self–deprecating, honest, reliable, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. So I lied about the buildings, but I have several Cap guys who would do just that, or, at least try.

With all the nice things said, let me warn a decent Sagittarius girl like yourself about getting involved with a Capricorn fellow. He can be all of those nice things. It’s just when it comes a relationship, he can be pretty much “out there” and none of us are too sure where “out there” is. This obviously witty guy is suddenly smitten by your Sagittarius traits. The only problem comes from the fact that he’s going to start trying to amend your ways. Sagittarius girls are great but they do not gently let someone else manipulate them for very long. I want to be as fair as possible to the Capricorn guy, too, and he’s just trying to evoke a few changes that might actually do you both some good. But that’s also a problem.

If you’re smitten with him, or he’s quite taken with you, good. Just be a little careful, and since I have so many Capricorn guy friends, I’ll plead with you to be as gentle as possible with him. Just remember, sometimes, you’re going to find him “out there” when you ask about the true nature of your relationship.

One of my guy Capricorn buddies came up with the perfect analogy for this relationship, “Man, it’s just like Artoo and Threepio. No, wait, really, it is. See: that Sag girl, she’s just like Artoo, always in the right place, at the right time. And Threepio? He’s just like me. He complains about no adventure, and when that Sag Girl drags me off on some adventure, I’m just like the character, complaining that it’s not safe.”

Can’t win for losing, huh?

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Pisces girl and Pisces guy

PiscesPisces: It wasn’t supposed to work. It wasn’t a good idea. But that’s never stopped a Pisces because, let’s face it, a Pisces can make anything work if they want to.

I’ve seen this unlikely relationship actually work better than most because of the similarity between the basic compassionate nature of both parties. Not long ago, I ran into a Pisces pair, and it was wonderful. Happy, blissful, and probably not very well grounded, but then, like I’ve suggested before, reality might be a little overrated. It’s not like this relationship between two Pisces is not based in the real world, it’s just that the average Pisces can usually detect a minimum of four dimensions, as compared to the three that most of us work with. Maybe four, maybe five, maybe, hey, who’s bothering to count, and isn’t that numbering system just an artificial way of trying to impose one kind of order on their version of reality, anyway? See? It just doesn’t matter to a Pisces.

There’s one problem with this idyllic scenario. Occasionally, a Pisces guy will try to interrupt this dreamlike state by injecting some of the normal, day–to–day reality stuff. Don’t let him do it. Doesn’t work, and those concerns will gradually lift, given enough time.

If it is a Pisces and Pisces relationship, though, consult an astrologer, I can think of one I would recommend, and see what he has to say about moon signs for you two. That’s going to be an important issue in this relationship because dear sweet Pisces can be so sensitive.


Pisces girl and Aquarius guy

PiscesAquarius: Oh no. Oh yes. Maybe. It’s not a relationship without some merit, and to be truthful, I’ve seen it successful more often than not. But there is a small problem with an Aquarius male, and that goes back to the basic difficulty with the Aquarius sign itself: aloof, apart, different, diffident. But no sooner is that said, than the Aquarius, rising to the bait of the situation, sets out to prove us all wrong. And that’s where this relationship can work.

AquariusIt depends on a few elements in a chart, not just the sun sign alone, but with an Aquarian male, you’ve got a chance. The chance depends on his ability to transcend the innate difficulties associated with this sign. And, to a large part, this is also dependent on the compassion and understanding of the Pisces. Equivocate your needs. Explain what you want. Ask for what you want. Ask for a little more than you need, too. This insures that you get some of what you want. Remember that the Aquarius male loves his brain, and brain games are the best way to hook them up.

There’s a refreshing and unusual quality found in this sign’s basic make up. Don’t be afraid to reverse roles, either. It’s also a sign that depends on certain immutable desires. Be very careful before putting big changes into action. Tread carefully, but don’t be afraid to walk.

Get used to the fact that he’s “thinking about it” at the moment. He will demonstrate his care and concern eventually. Maybe not fast enough, but with good communication, this is workable.


Pisces girl and Capricorn guy

Capricorn: To be honest, I have to love both these signs. There is a quality, though, in this relationship that might cause some problems on that long and lonely highway of life. In fact, as long as you are dating a Capricorn guy, you’re going to feel like the Highway Department has abandoned maintenance on this section of the road. The road with a Capricorn is long, it winds around a bit, and there are some pretty big potholes. In fact, on more than one occasion, you’re going to find your sweet Pisces self wondering just when you turned off the Freeway of Love and headed down this rock strewn, obstacle laden dirt road of Capricorn land.

It’s not always that bad. If you were a car, though, I would see a Pisces as a Cadillac, not Jeep or similar all–terrain vehicle. Ever notice that a disproportionate number of Texas Ranchers prefer the Cadillac brand over any other vehicle? Know why? It’s a tough car. It can take the abuse that even an old truck sometimes can’t take. That’s one tough car. And because you’re a Pisces, not only are you tough, but you’re pretty, too. Just like that fancy sedan.

The problem with this relationship is that question, are you actually up to the task of taming a Capricorn guy? That’s the positive spin. The bad news is that you’re not sure you want to be up for the taming of this guy. That’s the negative spin. It’s like that dirt road of love, it’s not all smooth–sailing. The ride can be rough at times. In fact, there are times when you might get despondent and just want to turn back. The problem with a Capricorn guy is that this is a narrow road, and when it gets to be the worst possible conditions, you’re going to find that there is no place to turn around. No way out. And backing down that road is even worse than trying to push on.

If you are involved with a Cap guy, make sure that you have a tow–rope. Make sure you carry a shovel, maybe some extra supplies. It can be very good. There will be days, maybe even long stretches like that bit of road in West Texas that doesn’t have a curve for over hundred miles. Then there will be the detours. The potholes, the washboard surfaces, those sorts of things. It’s both good and bad, and it depends on what kind of luxury you demand in your relationship that determines the quality of this ride.