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Do We Get Along? Sign-by-Sign

Capricorn guy

Capricorn: Pragmatic Capricorn’s always have this pinched look on their faces, like maybe they’re smellin’ last week’s bait. Open up a Cappy’s tackle box, and you’ll find organized lures, hooks arranged by size, flies in neat rows — it’s so tidy — it’s disgusting. Cappy’s all have perverse sense of humor, Cap being ruled by Saturn and all. Watch it, these are the guys who will pull the drain plug on the boat, “Just joking,” they say, as you start swimming. Can’t fish very well, but bless their Capricorn hearts, they keep tryin’.

Grocery store: Food shopping with a Capricorn is an experience that’s unlike any other sign the zodiac. There’s a utilitarian side to the event to begin with, but then, like any good Capricorn, there is also a certain flair that is required. It’s like mixing and matching both super cheap generic brand groceries with special, name – brand extra deluxe goodies. To an outside observer, that would be a non–Capricorn, the rhythm and the reason for what is name brand and what is cheap would not make sense, period. But to the Capricorn, there are certain items where the name brand can actually affect the flavor, and this shows up in their shopping cart. The Capricorn is not always an expert, but it’s always best to let them lead the way.

Shopping at midnight: It was long after midnight before you can catch a Capricorn in this kind of a store. Except that the price is a deal, and that always appeals to the more pecuniary side of Capricorn. Don’t get the wrong idea, because a Cap has a sharp eye for a good deal. In other words, hang with the Cap on this excursion, and you might be surprised what you can find him buying. The sartorial splendor that Capricorn can be widely known for, the underpinnings of that outfit might just start some place with a less than regal nature. Of course, in order to make the Capricorn happiest, it has to be a deal and it has to look good.

Brick wall: When a Capricorn is faced with an obstacle, a brick wall in his path, there is only one answer, one solution to getting through this wall, and that would be worry. It’s not like all Capricorn’s have a propensity for worry, but the thought of an immovable object in front of them worries them to begin with, and then, under the close Capricorn scrutiny, that brick wall will eventually succumb to the fevered and furrowed brow of the Cap. This ability to worry is inherent, and in some circles, this worry feature is attributed to Saturn. Whether it’s really Saturn’s fault, or some other quirk in the sky, the way a Cap deals with problems is worrying about it until they arrive at a solution.

Bait: Muskie Lure, the Chub Sucker — Despite the name, the Chub Sucker is a stalwart and dependable attraction for a Capricorn fishie. Its design comes from a long line of ancient lures, and it is very popular in vintage fishing tackle collections. The true beauty of this timely design is the new fangled edition of super – conducting noisemaker spoon bill. It’s that little flair of excitement that is added to a time-proven lure. Classic lines with a modern update. That’s what will always hook a Cap.

Body part: Knees.


Leo Woman and Gemini guy

Gemini: You’ve hooked a Gemini? Good for you. Get ready for a ride that can be very pleasing, but get prepared for a ride nonetheless. It’s going to be a wild one. Gemini is known far and wide for their apparently fickle behavior. Don’t say you weren’t warned. To be fair with the Gemini, they certainly don’t feel like a multiple personality, they feel like it’s just one person with many different facets and that’s the core of the problem here.

In order to make this one work, just regard your Gemini boyfriend as an entourage. It’s much easier that way. You’ve finally got your built in audience that deserve. It has the potential to contain a cast of thousands, if you’re patient with him.

Fire needs a certain amount of fuel. One of the main ingredients in a Leo’s fire is the air that a Gemini can supply. One of the problems with this is the fact that the Gemini is a Mutable Air sign. Compare that to the rock steady Fixed Fire sign of Leo. What we’ve got is one who is stable but passionate, that you my fine Leo friend, and then you’ve got an aberrant little satellite floating around you, making noise, stirring things up, soothing things over, and just generally being busy. It is possible to get an occasional quiet Gemini, but that should make your fine Leo senses wonder. Just what is he up to? I’d be worried, too.

Plan on being entertained, but also plan on the Gemini lacking a little bit of follow through when it comes to getting just one task accomplished. You can hear him now, “I was thinking about going for some take out Chinese food, but then I got an idea, I was going to cook, so I got these vegetables at the Farmer’s Market, but then, you know, I was thinking we could go see a movie, and sneak into a second feature and just eat popcorn. What do you think? Ready to go? There’s that new movie showing at the discount place, you know. But I hate the way my feet stick to floor….”

Stop him long enough to store the fresh food. I told you this was an entertaining ride.

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Aquarius female and Cancer male

AquariusCancer: Why oh why did you ever do this? You should know better. But now that you’ve done it, perhaps there is some way to salvage this relationship. Cancer men emote. A lot. They are capable of great depth of feeling. They are wondrous creatures who will always amaze you. They are fun loving, at heart. And they do have a big heart. It’s just that your basic Aquarius ways are going to cause a source of befuddled amusement to him. And some consternation, as well.

CancerIf you’re looking on the bright side, the Cancer guy can be a real challenge to your basic Aquarius, and since you Aquarius girls always rise to a challenge, it looks like you might take the Cancer bait. But I’m warning you…. he has feelings. Lots of them. Sometimes you have to pry them out. Sometimes they are clear. And he needs to know that you care, too. That’s where the trouble starts. An Aquarius woman will say she cares in deadpan manner, and the Cancer guy “could use just a little more support than that!” I wouldn’t claim to be quoting verbatim, but I do believe you are getting an idea, now aren’t you?

Therein is the challenge, and I charge my Aquarius girl reader to figure out a way to successfully be supportive of your Cancer guy without scaring him off, or making him retreat into that carapace of his. And if you do make this work, besides a tip of the hat, please let me know what you did right.


Scorpio woman and Gemini boy

Gemini: They said it wouldn’t work. They said you should know better. The book says it won’t work. But because this is an experimental guide, I feel like this one has a fighting chance—only don’t use the words “fighting chance.”

There’s nothing that good Scorpio like yourself can really get into more than a good fight, an honorable fight, a fight where justice is right, and you are on the side of justice. That’s also a downfall for the Gemini guy because he lacks much attention span for a good fight. This lack of attention won’t just show up in a verbal disagreement, it will show up in many areas. As long as you can consider yourself entertained, this can work. A Gemini usually has a quick mind, and that’s something that you appreciate in him. The problem with this quick mind is that sometimes it never turns off. Then what do you do?

A good Scorpio like yourself can latch onto one idea and pound that idea into the ground. Work it over, follow all the serious lines of thought that spring from the original idea. Your Gemini buddy does much the same thing, only, well, only he’s looked at all the branches of that thought, gone to the bookstore and completely forgotten about it while getting lost in stacks and stacks of books, and he’s busy researching something else now. You’re still on the same thought. In other words, he’s on a different page now. That’s a problem.

It doesn’t have to be a problem but often works out like one because he’s busy worrying about details while you’re still wrestling with the core of the issue. He’s off and flitting about, while you’re angst ridden over the central issue.

If you can adopt a proper attitude, one of merriment and glee, and if you genuinely delight in the various little twists and turns he takes, then this can work. But you’ve got to be adaptable to the mutable nature of the Gemini, the many different facets, the supposed “two–faced” nature of the critter to begin with. (Personally, I like Gemini’s—I find great delight in them, but I’m NOT a Scorpio.)


Taurus Woman and Gemini Male

TaurusGemini: Work with me on this one, my fine Taurus girl. Gemini is a fine specimen of humanity. Sometimes. Other times, you feel like you’ve got yourself a space alien. To be sure, that Gemini guy is certainly bright and entertaining, but consider the basic elemental construction of these two signs. You’re solid, like a rock. He’s not. You’re stable. He’s entertaining. Maybe not too stable, but fun. You’re soft and sensual. He’s soft and sensual. Wait, he was, now he’s not interested. Now he’s bored. Now he’s excited again. I hope you can follow what the problem might be.

Every hyperactive child needs a stabilizing influence in his life. The question you might want to ask yourself has to do with putting up with that Gemini guy for a long time. Remember how much fun he is? Be careful, because there’s a time, let’s say it’s like a Sunday morning when you just want to stay in that nice, warm bed a little longer. That’s the morning that the Gemini wants to get up early and tackle some big projects. You’ll also be dismayed to find out that the first project involves stripping the sheets off the bed so he can do the laundry.

geminiHis timing is impeccable. It’s the one day you can sleep late. It’s the one day when you can lounge around with no problems. This is an example, that Gemini bobbing up and done at the bedside, “C’mon, don’t you want to get up?”

Occasionally, I’ve seen this relationship combination successful over a long period of time. But what makes it work is the patience of the Taurus and her rock solid stability that serves to anchor that Gemini a little. In the better relationships, I also suspect that the good Taurus woman gets all her commitments from the Gemini guy in writing; that way he can’t dispute what he agreed to. “Oh, that’s right, you want to sleep in today….”

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Pisces girl and Pisces guy

PiscesPisces: It wasn’t supposed to work. It wasn’t a good idea. But that’s never stopped a Pisces because, let’s face it, a Pisces can make anything work if they want to.

I’ve seen this unlikely relationship actually work better than most because of the similarity between the basic compassionate nature of both parties. Not long ago, I ran into a Pisces pair, and it was wonderful. Happy, blissful, and probably not very well grounded, but then, like I’ve suggested before, reality might be a little overrated. It’s not like this relationship between two Pisces is not based in the real world, it’s just that the average Pisces can usually detect a minimum of four dimensions, as compared to the three that most of us work with. Maybe four, maybe five, maybe, hey, who’s bothering to count, and isn’t that numbering system just an artificial way of trying to impose one kind of order on their version of reality, anyway? See? It just doesn’t matter to a Pisces.

There’s one problem with this idyllic scenario. Occasionally, a Pisces guy will try to interrupt this dreamlike state by injecting some of the normal, day–to–day reality stuff. Don’t let him do it. Doesn’t work, and those concerns will gradually lift, given enough time.

If it is a Pisces and Pisces relationship, though, consult an astrologer, I can think of one I would recommend, and see what he has to say about moon signs for you two. That’s going to be an important issue in this relationship because dear sweet Pisces can be so sensitive.


Pisces girl and Aquarius guy

PiscesAquarius: Oh no. Oh yes. Maybe. It’s not a relationship without some merit, and to be truthful, I’ve seen it successful more often than not. But there is a small problem with an Aquarius male, and that goes back to the basic difficulty with the Aquarius sign itself: aloof, apart, different, diffident. But no sooner is that said, than the Aquarius, rising to the bait of the situation, sets out to prove us all wrong. And that’s where this relationship can work.

AquariusIt depends on a few elements in a chart, not just the sun sign alone, but with an Aquarian male, you’ve got a chance. The chance depends on his ability to transcend the innate difficulties associated with this sign. And, to a large part, this is also dependent on the compassion and understanding of the Pisces. Equivocate your needs. Explain what you want. Ask for what you want. Ask for a little more than you need, too. This insures that you get some of what you want. Remember that the Aquarius male loves his brain, and brain games are the best way to hook them up.

There’s a refreshing and unusual quality found in this sign’s basic make up. Don’t be afraid to reverse roles, either. It’s also a sign that depends on certain immutable desires. Be very careful before putting big changes into action. Tread carefully, but don’t be afraid to walk.

Get used to the fact that he’s “thinking about it” at the moment. He will demonstrate his care and concern eventually. Maybe not fast enough, but with good communication, this is workable.


Pisces girl and Capricorn guy

CapricornCapricorn: To be honest, I have to love both these signs. There is a quality, though, in this relationship that might cause some problems on that long and lonely highway of life. In fact, as long as you are dating a Capricorn guy, you’re going to feel like the Highway Department has abandoned maintenance on this section of the road. The road with a Capricorn is long, it winds around a bit, and there are some pretty big potholes. In fact, on more than one occasion, you’re going to find your sweet Pisces self wondering just when you turned off the Freeway of Love and headed down this rock strewn, obstacle laden dirt road of Capricorn land.

PiscesIt’s not always that bad. If you were a car, though, I would see a Pisces as a Cadillac, not Jeep or similar all–terrain vehicle. Ever notice that a disproportionate number of Texas Ranchers prefer the Cadillac brand over any other vehicle? Know why? It’s a tough car. It can take the abuse that even an old truck sometimes can’t take. That’s one tough car. And because you’re a Pisces, not only are you tough, but you’re pretty, too. Just like that fancy sedan.

The problem with this relationship is that question, are you actually up to the task of taming a Capricorn guy? That’s the positive spin. The bad news is that you’re not sure you want to be up for the taming of this guy. That’s the negative spin. It’s like that dirt road of love, it’s not all smooth–sailing. The ride can be rough at times. In fact, there are times when you might get despondent and just want to turn back. The problem with a Capricorn guy is that this is a narrow road, and when it gets to be the worst possible conditions, you’re going to find that there is no place to turn around. No way out. And backing down that road is even worse than trying to push on.

If you are involved with a Cap guy, make sure that you have a tow–rope. Make sure you carry a shovel, maybe some extra supplies. It can be very good. There will be days, maybe even long stretches like that bit of road in West Texas that doesn’t have a curve for over hundred miles. Then there will be the detours. The potholes, the washboard surfaces, those sorts of things. It’s both good and bad, and it depends on what kind of luxury you demand in your relationship that determines the quality of this ride.