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Do We Get Along? Sign-by-Sign

Gemini Guys

Gemini guys: Gemini, they travel in schools. The old saying, Gemini—being the sign of the twins and all—was two–faced. Not true. Just the multi–faceted Swiss Army knife of the zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, the little winged wonder, the divine package delivery service of the gods. Not usually a good choice for fishing because they can’t seem to sit still plus they never seem to stop talking.

Grocery store: Gemini is (are) ruled by Mercury. Mercury goes around the Sun every 88 days. Get the picture? Fast moving planet, and most Gemini’s tend to be fast moving as well. Imagine a shopping cart with motorized wheels, like a skateboard with an outboard motor on it. The Gemini will flit through the store, looking at everything, but lingering no place in particular. Gemini’s have some mighty strange eating habits. I knew Vegetarian Gemini once, truly a macrobiotic “careful of what you eat, no animal products, nothing with a face” type. What made this person typically Gemini, was, in the heart of “nuts and fruits” (California), this particular Gemini would eat meat. Big, rare, chunks of cow, obviously under done. Now, take this information and go to the grocery store with your Gemini friend. They will look at everything. I mean, everything. Nothing is beyond their intellectual grasp.

Shopping after midnight: One word — exhausting. A Gemini is “hell–on–wheels” when it comes to going into the super discount late night store. Nothing is safe. They will play with the toys in the children’s department, they will take a quick spin through the clothes, maybe try on some shoes, ask questions of the poor late staff people, and keep on going. This place is less of a store and more of a playground. Of course, a Gemini frequently approaches life that way.
Brick wall: Gemini is the original adaptable sign of the zodiac. They will tackle this brick wall with a type, a certain zeal and commitment to making sure that the goal is realized, that the wall is breached. However, in typical Gemini fashion, a fixed obstacle that doesn’t yield immediately to one of the 43 different efforts by the Gemini soon loses the Gemini’s attention. They get bored and wander off in search of other adventures. Of course, they did try more routes to get around that wall than any other sign. One of us might pick up where the Gemini left off and find a good solution.

Bait: Gemini: Jointed Minnow—Nothing works better on the Gemini than a super–long, jointed–minnow. It’s pretty much a top water lure, and the Gemini needs some flexibility. So a lure with some flexibility is needed to make the Gemini happy. But unlike the plastic jobs that are way too “flexible,” the jointed minnow lure is big enough to present the Gemini with a challenge, and it offers enough rigidity that the Gemini will surely stay hooked.

Body part: Arms, hands, lungs.

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Scorpio woman and Pisces man

ScorpioPisces: One a scale of the best relationships I’ve ever seen, this is second only to its reverse. But you’re going to have to be pretty careful when handling your Pisces guy. He is a little more sensitive than you. No, that’s not true, he’s not more sensitive than you. No one is more sensitive than a Scorpio woman. (And I’m not pandering to you, either—it’s the truth.)

But that Pisces guy is more in touch, in an obvious way, with his feelings than you are. There are very few guarded Pisces guys. Ask him, he’ll tell you how he is feeling, at that very moment. So much for the good news.

PiscesThere was the nicest stray cat in this one apartment complex I lived. He was all black except for a little tuft of white hair on his chest. He was also a Pisces male. That should be, he was a typical Pisces male. He would cat around all night, and then show up on my doorstep in the morning. Rather than say he was hungry, he would just look at me with those forlorn cat eyes, and I would give him food.

I did, eventually, put a cute pink flea collar on him, too. That worked pretty well. The way I know he was a standard–issue Pisces cat was something that happened one night. There was typical Texas spring storm. There was high wind, rain in great sheets. Some folks reported seeing a tornado funnel cloud someplace. The cat was sitting on my door mat, soaking wet. If he had moved over a mere three feet, he would have been in a dry spot, but the lashing rain was soaking this guy. He didn’t scratch at the door, or meow. He just sat there until I let him in.

This did not go over too well with my indoor Mama cat, but she did let him know that he wasn’t allowed out from under the couch, but he could stay the night. At least as long as it was raining that hard.

You can’t help but have pity on the guy. You can’t help but believe that he needs your mercy. But he’s a foxy little critter, that Pisces. However, just like that stray, when he looks in your eyes, you have no choice but to take him in.


Cancer Female and Libra Male

Libra: A Cancer girl will usually fall right for a Libra guy. That’s good news. That’s even great news, in some cases. But there’s an encumbrance that the Libra guy brings into this relationship, and that little problem is the way he deals with problems. This can drive a poor Cancer woman to the edge. In at least one case, the Cancer woman came to me and asked about jumping off the cliff. I couldn’t really suggest it. However, the thought of pushing her Libra mate off the same cliff wasn’t such a bad idea.

The Libra guy is fun. He’s charming. He’s got a way of being able to sugar coat just about everything. That’s good. His refined actions and tastes indicate that he’s quite the suave character, at least in your book. But there’s always something that doesn’t seem to ring true… on certain occasions, you’re going to feel like he is pulling your leg. You’re going to feel like he’s not as sincere as he seems.

I wouldn’t worry about this apparent lack of sincerity. It’s not really the case. While your little Libra guy might seem to be overly concerned about appearances, that understanding is not all it takes to make this work. There’s also the part that goes on behind closed doors, and I don’t really want to know about the intimate details. However, I’m sure you do, and that’s part of what makes this improbable combination work. It’s the real intimacy, and yes, despite his appearances and smooth talking ways, he is very capable of it.

As with so many relationships, this is a case where the Sun Signs square each other. In traditional astrology, this is a bad angle. Good for attraction, bad for a fight. But the nature of these two signs seems to work okay with each other. And then there’s that other thing, that basic animal attraction that you two always seem to have for each other.

Go for it? That’s up to you. Odds are good, but still odd.

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Scorpio woman and Virgo guy

Virgo: “I get along with Virgo’s just fine. I was married to one. Once.”

It’s been my experience that this is a relationship with a degree of merit to it. With a star rating system, I’d give three out of a possible four stars. And back in the background, you can hear that Virgo guy, back there in the background, complaining that he didn’t get a perfect four–star rating. And that’s exactly why he didn’t get a four star rating, so he can have something to moan about.

If you’re dating a Virgo, I’ll promise he will give you endless stories to tell—and plenty to moan about, too. He’s not bad, he’s just drawn that way.
Imagine that your little Virgo date looks perfect. Here’s this guy you’ve obsessed about. Perhaps you first saw him when he was in one of your classes. He’s studying something interesting, some arcane branch of science, but he also knows something about music. Maybe he’s in a band. He’s a pretty hip guy. You like him a lot. And there he is, sleeping on your couch with his arms around you. He doesn’t even seem to snore which is a definite plus. You look longingly at his body. You haven’t consummated this relationship yet. But you’re sure thinking about it. He stirs and you’re as quiet as you look at his perfect little buttocks beneath those tight jeans. Suddenly he lets one rip. Flatulence.

You’re going to find that Mr. Virgo isn’t quite perfect. He’s darn nice. In fact, I like him a lot. But I’m not going out with him, and he’s got a few little hang–ups, a few quirks, a few extra sets of gears. This relationship can work, but you’re going to have to adjust to a male Virgo mindset. To this day, he still denies that he let one rip. You and I know different, but that’s the story he’s sticking to.


Libra woman and Leo man

LeoLeo: Caught yourself a Leo Male, have you? The mighty king of the jungle has stumbled into your snare and is now struggling? Works good, if you play with your catch just right. Remember what I’ve said about Libra being a manipulative sign. The sign of the Little General? And, being a Cardinal Sign, the Libra female needs to use all of her best energies in keeping this Leo around.

The hopeful news here is that the Leo usually plays right into your hands. And he reacts very well to proper stimulation, which, I must add, is something that you know exactly how to do. Don’t forget that your Leo Male is a fixed a sign, so despite his fiery exterior, he’s still very stubborn. And this stubborn side has some good attributes, like remaining steadfast at your side through thick and thin.

Of course, there are some troubles here, too, with this stupidly stubborn guy, at least from time to time. This is where your wily female Libra charms come in so handy. Don’t be afraid to cower and hide behind the Leo. Nothing he likes more than coming to the rescue. It’s one of his favorite roles. And the more grandiose he can make it, well, that much better for his Leo sensibilities. He is, after the mighty king of the jungle. The Libra attributes which work to hold all of this together are best used by approaching the Leo Male with the expression, “Honey, you’re the greatest one in the world, could you just…..” and insert whatever thankless task you’ve got coming up. Like cleaning out the stables, or shoveling fertilizer. The Leo guy can be easily persuaded, as long as you begin with his greatness. Then everything falls into place.

Leo is the Royal Sign, and Libra is the manager. Behind every great monarch, or so it seems, there is an efficient staff that actually does all the work. Understand that you are the “boss” in this relationship, but also understand that your Leo needs to feel like he’s in charge. With a paradigm like that, you can’t lose!


Pisces girl and Pisces guy

PiscesPisces: It wasn’t supposed to work. It wasn’t a good idea. But that’s never stopped a Pisces because, let’s face it, a Pisces can make anything work if they want to.

I’ve seen this unlikely relationship actually work better than most because of the similarity between the basic compassionate nature of both parties. Not long ago, I ran into a Pisces pair, and it was wonderful. Happy, blissful, and probably not very well grounded, but then, like I’ve suggested before, reality might be a little overrated. It’s not like this relationship between two Pisces is not based in the real world, it’s just that the average Pisces can usually detect a minimum of four dimensions, as compared to the three that most of us work with. Maybe four, maybe five, maybe, hey, who’s bothering to count, and isn’t that numbering system just an artificial way of trying to impose one kind of order on their version of reality, anyway? See? It just doesn’t matter to a Pisces.

There’s one problem with this idyllic scenario. Occasionally, a Pisces guy will try to interrupt this dreamlike state by injecting some of the normal, day–to–day reality stuff. Don’t let him do it. Doesn’t work, and those concerns will gradually lift, given enough time.

If it is a Pisces and Pisces relationship, though, consult an astrologer, I can think of one I would recommend, and see what he has to say about moon signs for you two. That’s going to be an important issue in this relationship because dear sweet Pisces can be so sensitive.


Pisces girl and Aquarius guy

PiscesAquarius: Oh no. Oh yes. Maybe. It’s not a relationship without some merit, and to be truthful, I’ve seen it successful more often than not. But there is a small problem with an Aquarius male, and that goes back to the basic difficulty with the Aquarius sign itself: aloof, apart, different, diffident. But no sooner is that said, than the Aquarius, rising to the bait of the situation, sets out to prove us all wrong. And that’s where this relationship can work.

AquariusIt depends on a few elements in a chart, not just the sun sign alone, but with an Aquarian male, you’ve got a chance. The chance depends on his ability to transcend the innate difficulties associated with this sign. And, to a large part, this is also dependent on the compassion and understanding of the Pisces. Equivocate your needs. Explain what you want. Ask for what you want. Ask for a little more than you need, too. This insures that you get some of what you want. Remember that the Aquarius male loves his brain, and brain games are the best way to hook them up.

There’s a refreshing and unusual quality found in this sign’s basic make up. Don’t be afraid to reverse roles, either. It’s also a sign that depends on certain immutable desires. Be very careful before putting big changes into action. Tread carefully, but don’t be afraid to walk.

Get used to the fact that he’s “thinking about it” at the moment. He will demonstrate his care and concern eventually. Maybe not fast enough, but with good communication, this is workable.


Pisces girl and Capricorn guy

Capricorn: To be honest, I have to love both these signs. There is a quality, though, in this relationship that might cause some problems on that long and lonely highway of life. In fact, as long as you are dating a Capricorn guy, you’re going to feel like the Highway Department has abandoned maintenance on this section of the road. The road with a Capricorn is long, it winds around a bit, and there are some pretty big potholes. In fact, on more than one occasion, you’re going to find your sweet Pisces self wondering just when you turned off the Freeway of Love and headed down this rock strewn, obstacle laden dirt road of Capricorn land.

It’s not always that bad. If you were a car, though, I would see a Pisces as a Cadillac, not Jeep or similar all–terrain vehicle. Ever notice that a disproportionate number of Texas Ranchers prefer the Cadillac brand over any other vehicle? Know why? It’s a tough car. It can take the abuse that even an old truck sometimes can’t take. That’s one tough car. And because you’re a Pisces, not only are you tough, but you’re pretty, too. Just like that fancy sedan.

The problem with this relationship is that question, are you actually up to the task of taming a Capricorn guy? That’s the positive spin. The bad news is that you’re not sure you want to be up for the taming of this guy. That’s the negative spin. It’s like that dirt road of love, it’s not all smooth–sailing. The ride can be rough at times. In fact, there are times when you might get despondent and just want to turn back. The problem with a Capricorn guy is that this is a narrow road, and when it gets to be the worst possible conditions, you’re going to find that there is no place to turn around. No way out. And backing down that road is even worse than trying to push on.

If you are involved with a Cap guy, make sure that you have a tow–rope. Make sure you carry a shovel, maybe some extra supplies. It can be very good. There will be days, maybe even long stretches like that bit of road in West Texas that doesn’t have a curve for over hundred miles. Then there will be the detours. The potholes, the washboard surfaces, those sorts of things. It’s both good and bad, and it depends on what kind of luxury you demand in your relationship that determines the quality of this ride.