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Pisces girl and Leo guy

Leo: This is another one of those questionable relationships. But then, at the risk of sounding rhetorical, in the case with a Pisces woman, isn’t every relationship questionable? Of course it is. Now, this is real simple. Mr. Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign. He’s associated with the fifth House in zodiac talk. He’s a [...]

Aquarius woman and Leo man

Leo: The worst of the worst or the best of the best, and one of you is going to make the call. The Aquarius is a natural rebel, male or female because titles are labels, and most Aquarius girls eschew labels of any kind, therefore, oh, never mind—you make this too difficult. Sometimes it works, [...]

Capricorn woman and Leo man

Leo: The opposite of this relationship, the Leo girl and the Cap guy seems to work very well. Now, the reverse of this situation is okay, but it’s not nearly as good as its counterpart. The pieces are all here, the parts all fit, but there is also a subtle clash of ego driven desires [...]

Sagittarius woman and Leo man

Leo: I really do like the opposite of this one. And I’ve seen this one work pretty good for an entertaining relationship. But a good Sagittarius girl had better do a little academic research about her Leo companion before getting into to this too far. He’s easy to please, all you have to do is [...]

Scorpio woman and Leo male

Leo: Bill and Hillary, anyone? And talk about your Scorpio tenacity… “Behind every great man…” Okay, no clichés. I refer, occasionally, to “astrology glue” when I’m looking at relationships. There has to be something binding to make a serious relationship work. This is a tough call on this relationship because the Scorpio female usually feels [...]

Libra woman and Leo man

Leo: Caught yourself a Leo Male, have you? The mighty king of the jungle has stumbled into your snare and is now struggling? Works good, if you play with your catch just right. Remember what I’ve said about Libra being a manipulative sign. The sign of the Little General? And, being a Cardinal Sign, the [...]

Leo Woman and Pisces male

Pisces: When I see this one, I’m reminded of a friend. Every time she hears the term “Pisces” she responds with “The Devil’s Lap Dog.” “Dude! That’s harsh!” said another friend. It’s a brutal expression, and perhaps it’s too hard on the poor Pisces sign in general. I can’t let just one negative experience get [...]

Leo Woman and Aquarius Man

Aquarius: This is one of the oddest combinations—it’s both very good and very bad. Good because, under the right circumstances, it can work out quite well. In an ideal situation, the Leo needs an audience, and, in this ideal situation, the Aquarius represents that ideal audience, always wanting to be there to please the Leo. [...]

Leo Lady and Capricorn Guy

Capricorn: I was sitting in the “hot tub” of a SouthWest Airlines flight, going on a trip the Left Coast, and I found myself sitting across from an old couple that was having some fun, greatly relieved, apparently, to be escaping Texas. It’s a sentiment that I don’t understand myself. After a cup of coffee, [...]

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