Aquarius female and Aries male

Aries: The Aquarius female loves the fiery passion exhibited by the Aries guy. That much works really well. There are problems, though, and the Aquarius female is going to be forced to develop a little understanding of the childlike nature of an Aries male in order to make this love take root and grow.

On the upside, the Aries fire feeds off the Aquarius air. And the Aries can respect the consistency the Aquarius offers. While the Aquarius mind will always fascinate the Aries, sort of like making a new scientific discovery each day, this fits in with an Aries agenda because each day is a new day, a new adventure. Both signs are often accused of being cold and unfeeling, being too cerebral. This is a problem but with a degree of understanding about how each sign operates, there can be a meeting of the minds. The Aquarius woman is bright, very bright. She may take a little while to decide something while she works the thoughts and analysis through her brain. And the Aries will forever seem impatient with this process.


Aquarius The water bearer

Learn to give him something to chew on, a course of action to take, and give the Aquarius a chance to figure things out in her own time. The cold and unfeeling side of the Aries is because he is quick of temper: quick to get irritated, and just as quick to cool off. This creates a condition which looks like unfeeling. He’s already forgiven your indiscretion, as long as it is a minor one. The Aquarius female does have great passions, it just doesn’t show on the surface. Learning to be a little more demonstrative, something to give to the Aries to help feed the fragile male ego, helps. Always have a backup plan of action, because that Aries guy loves action.

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