Aquarius female and Cancer male

AquariusCancer: Why oh why did you ever do this? You should know better. But now that you’ve done it, perhaps there is some way to salvage this relationship. Cancer men emote. A lot. They are capable of great depth of feeling. They are wondrous creatures who will always amaze you. They are fun loving, at heart. And they do have a big heart. It’s just that your basic Aquarius ways are going to cause a source of befuddled amusement to him. And some consternation, as well.

CancerIf you’re looking on the bright side, the Cancer guy can be a real challenge to your basic Aquarius, and since you Aquarius girls always rise to a challenge, it looks like you might take the Cancer bait. But I’m warning you…. he has feelings. Lots of them. Sometimes you have to pry them out. Sometimes they are clear. And he needs to know that you care, too. That’s where the trouble starts. An Aquarius woman will say she cares in deadpan manner, and the Cancer guy “could use just a little more support than that!” I wouldn’t claim to be quoting verbatim, but I do believe you are getting an idea, now aren’t you?

Therein is the challenge, and I charge my Aquarius girl reader to figure out a way to successfully be supportive of your Cancer guy without scaring him off, or making him retreat into that carapace of his. And if you do make this work, besides a tip of the hat, please let me know what you did right.

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