Aquarius female and Gemini male

Gemini: Yes. Sure, a Gemini male is a fine thing, a wondrous piece of work. But if you’re really interested, make sure you consider both sides of the Gemini face. Make that all 43 sides of the Gemini before acquiescing to him. Got that?

One of the serious positives about a Gemini male is that he can entertain you, and he has a breadth of both character and knowledge to keep you going. Of course, there’s this trail of broken hearts and broken toys left in his wake. You need to know about that, at least a little. To be sure, though, he will get around to telling you about all of what is in his wake, if you can pay attention long enough. The Gemini male is a rare species. One worries about catching and containing them. It can be done, and no one is better suited than an Aquarius. You will forever fascinate him with some of your views because they are so contrary to popular opinion, and at times, so synchronized with him. It’s a good news situation, mostly.

The warnings are clear, and make sure you understand the true fickle nature about Gemini before embarking on this journey. Maybe invest in a separate television for yourself, too, so you don’t have to keep up with his frenetic channel surfing pace, real or metaphorical.

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