Aquarius female and Libra male

Libra: Aquarius Female and Libra male is a good combination because the basic intellectual compatibility is there. The air signs match up well with each other. There is a problem, though, with two signs that each think that he or she needs to be in charge. I’ve often accused Libra’s of being manipulative. And I’ve said that the basic Aquarius sentiment is a stubborn one. The Aquarius female is quite taken with the Libra. There is always an instant attraction for the Libra’s good looks and sweet talking tongue. Or sweet tasting tongue, as the kiss may be. The little endearments and platitudes just roll off his tongue, and his easy and jocular manner sparks a little light in the head of the Aquarius female. She just loves it. But even though the Libra is tripping of tongue, there is that basic indecisive quality about the Libra male. As Pa Wetzel often says, he’s Libra, you know, “For the sake of argument, let’s just take another look at this….”
The angle between the two sun signs is called a trine, and this is a harmonious get together. And, the Fixed Nature of the Aquarius works well with the Cardinal Nature of the Libra. The Aquarius will have the tenacity to see the project, in this case a relationship, through to the end. One thing to be aware of, for the Aquarius girl, is that the Libra guy will have what seems like a short attention span.

The Aquarius female will constantly be rolling her eyes and acting a tad impatient, like tapping her foot, when he said he would be there at 7:00 PM, and it’s now 7:30… this is more a characteristic of the Libra. Just get used to telling him the show starts half an hour before it really starts. Libra is supposed to represent balance—its sign is the scales. Libra’s are anything but balanced. Herein lies the other problem. Rather, this would be a problem for anyone but the Aquarius. If she learns to act like the voice of calm and decisive reason, the Libra is sure to follow. Just let him think it was his idea.

“Mind games” is an ugly term fraught with a very negative connotation. However, with this astrological pairing, mind games abound. The bright Aquarius female needs this form of mental stimulation. Without some form of head–trip, there just isn’t the necessary excitement. Since both signs are mentally alert, even a simple phone conversation winds up with a little innuendo, a degree of banter and light hearted chatter that is filled with a childlike game of one–upmanship. The smart Aquarius girl let’s the Libra know that he is winning this round, but also let’s him know that she is the master, and he is her pawn. If it was serious, and it never will be a serious game, she could beat him. This sort of back and forth interaction is what makes it work so well.

I’ve got an Aquarius friend in Texas who is just like this. She can be talking to a cowboy for about three minutes, and then she’ll stop, “What’s you’re birthday? You’re Libra, aren’t you?” And then she’ll laugh. Sure enough, the cowboy on the other end is Libra. Aquarius women can pick the Libra men out of a crowd because of the smooth talk, the high dollar words thrown into the conversation. It’s important to remember that the Libra will always think that he’s in charge. A good Aquarius female plays this game, always remembering that she could be on top, if she wants to be.

In the long run, an Aquarius woman and a Libra man have the ability to build a relationship that can last lifetimes, if they so desire. The part of the relationship, which lasts, is the mental gaming, the subtle word play, and the sly innuendo that can turn into a lasting combination. It is a relationship built on trust and mutual understanding. In the bedroom, well, Aquarius women are always difficult to pin down, both figuratively and literally. The old quote from Shakespeare, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind” (Midsummer’s Night’s Dream I.i.234) applies in this case. It can be a rich and rewarding bedroom experience, but with the Aquarius women, there must be both mental stimulation, and sense of the strange. Not kinky or painful, just some kind of mental puzzle to make the union complete.

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