Aquarius female and Pisces male

PiscesPisces: Skip it, you should know better. Of course, that’s just going to make him that much more appealing, but make sure you know what you’re getting in to. Pisces guys are wonderful. There is a depth of understanding, a mysterious “something” about them that just leaves the rest of ya’ll wondering, “What is it that he’s got?”

Make sure you understand about his somewhat fluid sense of dynamics of any situation. Situational ethics seem to apply in his case. It’s not bad, not by any stretch of the imagination. And it’s his apparent imagination that will make you wonder. I will always maintain that it’s not his imagination, but his alternate vision of reality. He can see beyond the black and white world of three dimensions where most of us dwell.

AquariusA good Aquarius girl like your self can truly appreciate this vision of his. Or visions. But it also gets to be a bit of problem when you want something done like taking the trash out, or mowing the yard. He might be the most mutable of the signs, and he might be one of the most emotional. While that’s wonderful, there will be a time or two when you can’t help but tweak him, just a little bit. And that constant tweaking, jousting with his emotional side, which can hurt in the big picture. Tone down the teasing for your Pisces man. He really is wonderful, and he does offer doors to places you wouldn’t normally go. Just understand that he is in touch with alternate versions of the reality that you and I understand, and that can either delight you, or really piss you off.

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