Aquarius female and Scorpio male

AquariusScorpio: Tough call, here. I’ve seen a couple of those unions work out over the long haul, but it’s not like it’s an everyday occurrence. The challenge, and this is one of those times when other stuff in the chart really counts, the challenge is to get past the Aquarius/Scorpio debate about who is in control.
Next to the Scorpio Male, the Aquarius girl is going to feel like a real inconstant person. Nothing can address this. Her love of freedom is going to make this a hard one for the Scorpion to understand because he likes to control every situation. And when there is something in his environment that he can’t control, like an Aquarius, he has a tendency to write it off, or dismiss it in some off hand way.

ScorpioThe heart of this relationship is a Square, and it’s between two pretty stubborn signs. On the down side, I’ve certainly seen these two extract the worst possible behavior for both signs when the two get conflicted. In fact, most Aquarian women have a built–in detector that averts them to the Scorpio grasp. Maybe it’s better that way. Like I’ve alluded to before, I’ve seen this work, but I’ll promise that there is a lot more in the charts than just the sun signs. The Square is a tension–filled angle, and that’s what gives this relationship the spark. Just make sure it doesn’t start a raging bonfire. Or forest fire, if you know what I mean.

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