Aquarius female and Taurus male


The Bull

Taurus: The Taurus guy with an Aquarius woman can be good, if certain conditions are met, better yet, if certain conditions are understood. Realize how a Taurus deals with problems. Realize that both signs are fixed, and therefore, rather stubborn in their own ways.


Aquarius The water bearer

The Taurus guy can be quite cultured, soft, sensual, a wonderful and attentive lover. Figure out what his favorite delivery food is, and put that number on the speed dial. Perhaps it’s pizza. Perhaps it’s something a little more interesting. Taurus types are classically associated with food, soft lights, romance in the finest degree. This does rub the Aquarius woman a little the wrong way. Not that there isn’t hope, but there are a few concessions to make. Turn some of that mental exercise into a tactile pleasure center, the Aquarius will be pleasantly surprised with the results. Don’t expect your Taurus guy to turn into a rocket scientist. I’m not saying he’s not bright (you wouldn’t be there in the first place if he wasn’t) just understand that he will likely demonstrate his love in a different fashion.

Make an effort to eschew the little head games. Doesn’t work with the Taurus guy, he just sits there and thinks about thinking about it.

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