Aquarius female and Virgo male



The Virgin

Think about this before you embark. Of course, should I give you any dire warnings about this relationship, you’ll just take that as a high sign to continue. Perhaps that’s the best way to word this, for you. It’s not without some problems. But how could any relationship not have a few problems? This one isn’t too bad, but you’ve got a Virgo guy by the hook, and he’s going to squirm, that much is sure. And he’s going to complain, on occasion, about something or other that seems to be a little out of place.

Virgo guys have this wonderfully insightful mind. They can see beyond the mere mundane existence that the rest of us see. What your broad reaching Aquarius mind will encounter, though, is it will seem like he’s obsessing on details right now. And if it’s not now, it will be at some point. In fact, it will be a point that he picks at. Doesn’t much matter what is going on, he will, sooner or later, work his finely tuned Virgo brain up into a lather over what seems like the very barest of minute detail that you dropped in a conversation. Some seemingly unimportant detail, a stray and flippant comment, something that doesn’t seem to matter much to you, he picks up on that and works it into the ground.

He is, after all, an earth sign. I would hardly ever suggest that a little grounding is good for an Aquarius, but in this case, you might want to think about it.
When it’s good, when he’s out of the Virgo panic mode, you’ll find that this relationship has many good things going for it. Of course, every once in a while, you’ll hit the age–old question about the glass of water. And you’ll get the age–old Virgo answer, too, “Half empty? Don’t you know this signals the onslaught of a drought? We have to conserve!”

And you’re thinking that the waiter will bring more water any minute now.

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