Aquarius girl and Aquarius guy


Aquarius The water bearer

Aquarius: “They said it would never work,” is the expression that comes to mind, and then, all I can do is think about times when it has worked. It is an odd combination, and the places that I’ve found this one to be more successful are in remote locations. It’s like two halves of the same piece of fruit. A remote location, like far West Texas or Alaska seems to let these two really get into it all by themselves. And secluded locations force a sense of sharing that’s not always possible in the hustle and bustle of the big city.

That’s not to say, if you want it to work you have to move to the country. But what it does imply is that there needs to be plenty of time where you two are alone together. That expression, “alone together” is the best way to explain how this thing works in the long haul. It’s a really weird combination because both characters have a detached sense, yet, when paired up, they almost need each other, if only to know that the other one is somewhere in the house, maybe not right in each other’s face. It’s pretty strange.


Aquarius The water bearer

It might be my own predilection for remote locations and it might be my own predilection for Aquarius in general which finds me finding these coupes so successful in far–flung environments. But there’s a really cool dependency that grows in this pairing because everyone knows that an Aquarius can survive alone. I realize it’s a contradiction, but a simple contradiction is no challenge to an Aquarius, male or female.

Telling you it won’t work is the best way to reverse the situation. It will work, but there’s a degree of understanding, almost like mental telepathy, that is the basis for this coupling.

Hey, go for it. Drop me a postcard from Alaska, the Pacific Rim, or your mountaintop.

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