Aquarius girl and Sagittarius guy

The Archer Sagittarius

The Archer Sagittarius

Sagittarius: I’ve done more research into this strange combination than perhaps I should. As such, it might weight my favor in an obnoxiously positive direction. But I’ve found this to be a good pairing of sun signs. There’s an obvious reason for this, both of these signs are scholarly, albeit in different directions. And to make it the best possible scenario, the Fixed Air of the Aquarius girl’s mind can really fan the flame of the Sagittarius guy’s Mutable Fire.


Aquarius The water bearer

The term “head games” comes to mind, but it’s not like a usual head game that has a very pejorative definition in the vernacular. It’s more along the lines of an intellectual puzzle, and that’s what pulls these two signs together. And as every one knows, the Sagittarius needs something in his world to serve as an anchor. That’s where the fluid fixity of the Aquarius Air plays in so heavy. Her fixed nature can trap the Sagittarius and provide just enough stability to serve as a good basis for this relationship. According to one source, and from my own observation, Aquarius can come across as the least fixed of the durable signs. This sort of free flowing mental attitude is necessary when dealing with a Sagittarius.

The most successful of these relationships has been over a long distance. The term “long distance romance” is a slippery expression, especially in Texas where we have belt buckles bigger than some states. Since communication is so important in a relationship, the electronic means now available, like fax, e–mail and cell–phones is clearly a superior method of communicating, and it sure beats that messy face to face stuff. This will appeal on more than one level to both the Sagittarius and the Aquarius here. An electronic “touch” is sometimes better than the real thing because its most important quality is the thought, “the thought that counts.”

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