Aquarius woman and Capricorn man



Capricorn: Since these two signs are so close to each other, it just seems like it would be a natural match to hook them up. In some cases, this can work very well. In other cases, this ain’t so hot. All depends on what else is floating around. But it does follow the Cardinal Rule that Cardinal signs take direction from Fixed signs best. In an ideal world, the Aquarius girl ain’t so much of an Aquarius that she is too rebellious. That’s going to kill something off in Mr. Capricorn because, at their very heart of hearts, a Capricorn guy has some traditional values. There’s that sense of destiny, which can’t be eschewed, there’s that sense of making sure things are done the “right way” which is important to your Cap guy.

Of course, this all might seem a little puzzling to the best of the Aquarius women I know. That sense of doing things the right way, just for the sake of tradition, or because it’s historically accurate, or because it’s “the way they did it before” can sometimes cause a little inner conflict with an Aquarius woman. She has that sense of adventure and a quality about her wherein she occasionally likes to fly in the face of convention just for the sake of rocking the boat. “If it’s a rule, then I’m supposed to break it,” one Aquarius date told me.


Aquarius The water bearer

That same attitude about bending certain rules doesn’t always work with Mr. Capricorn. However, he can certainly see the results of your efforts, and that works well for him.

I’ve always found my guy Capricorn friends to have a refreshing attitude that includes a droll sense of humor. Dry comes to mind. “Dry as the Texas sand,” as the lyric goes. The intellectual component of the Capricorn guy and the brain part of the Aquarius woman can meet on a certain level, and that’s where this relationship can take flight. Somewhere, somehow, there can be a meeting of the minds. And I’ve yet to find an Aquarius woman who isn’t turned on by thinking.

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