Aquarius woman and Leo man

Leo: The worst of the worst or the best of the best, and one of you is going to make the call. The Aquarius is a natural rebel, male or female because titles are labels, and most Aquarius girls eschew labels of any kind, therefore, oh, never mind—you make this too difficult. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it works real well, and sometimes it is the biggest crash since it snowed on Thanksgiving and the interstate iced up (well–known fact, Texans and ice don’t get along too well).

So if you slow down and play the Leo game, this can be wonderful. An Aquarius girl can be a natural follower. Too bad she has to question her leader along the way. The opposite of this seems to work, roughly 50% of the time. I wouldn’t give this such good odds, but if I did set the odds, that just means you Aquarius girls will do your best to make it work as best you can. Unlike you, I get along with Leo’s rather famously. Of course, I’m more familiar with the care and feeding of a Leo because I have a cat who demands a little pampering. Your Leo boyfriend, significant other or whatever you choose to call this developing situation is like my cat. Good food at the same time every day. A certain amount of petting and stroking is also a good thing. Don’t play with her tail because that irritates her. And even though my cat is a little on the chubby side, I’ve found it really improves things when I don’t mention that to her. Your Leo guy is the same way.

A little care and proper feeding along with the concomitant stroking and petting, and you’ve tamed the mightiest creature in the jungle. Or the house, whatever analogy works best. Don’t be afraid when he drops dead animals at your feet, either, he’s just showing that he cares. Like my cat.

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