Aries Female and Aquarius Male

Aquarius: The Aries female needs to be sensitive to the rebellious nature of the Aquarius male. Pretend he is a bird. Slight breezes don’t ruffle his feathers. Major gales, though, something that does threaten his security? Now that does scare him.

Aquarius males are rebels. Sometimes without a clue, but rebels nonetheless. The advantage of this relationship is that Aries is a Cardinal Sign, and the Aquarius is a Fixed Sign. While this is a rule for whatever fixed sign I’m talking about, Aquarius can be the most stubborn of the fixed signs. Unlike other fixed signs, however, the Aquarius male doesn’t let the little changes affect him. Try to make a major shift in his life, though, and watch him fight it to the bitter end.

AriesAquarius is an Air sign, and this intellectual ability can feed the Aries flame. The problem is that the Aries female will react to a situation with a physical reaction, and the Aquarius partner will just think about the next course of action. Resolving this difference between the two signs makes for all the difference in the world. In traditional astrology, the angle between Aries and Aquarius is sixty degrees that means the two suns are “sextile” to each other. While this is considered a beneficial and flowing angle, it does have the single drawback that unless one of the parties takes some action, any action (just DO something), nothing happens. Between the Aries and Aquarius, then I would suggest that the Aries initiate the action. But always let the Aquarius think it was his idea.

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