Aries Female and Aries Male



The Ram

Aries female and Aries male is a good combination because both partners are very much alike, although that may be a source of discord in the relationship due to the similarities. Aries is a Cardinal Sign, the first one out of the gate, a strong self–starter and self–promoter. Occasionally, in this relationship, the problem will be that the two people feel so much alike that there is friction caused by the “perception” that the mate just doesn’t get it. Whatever “it” is, needs some clarification. Because both of the partners are Fire Signs, look for a high degree of passion and physical love being expressed in this combination. Flying objects, or rather, sharp and heavy objects hurled with speed and accuracy are just one example of the many possible displays of affection. When problems do arise, the characteristic way an Aries deals with a problem is in a very forthright manner.

With two Rams in a relationship, both want to be in control of the situation and both want to have the upper hand. When fights do ensue, the pyrotechnics can be quite inspiring. Early on, both partners need to understand certain techniques for problem resolution. Since patience is never an Aries trait, effective tools need to be established, that is, clear lines of communication need to be established so the horns of these two rams can be unlocked. Brashness, bordering on brazen behavior is common for an Aries.

The good news is one always knows where one stands with an Aries, so one problem this relationship will never have is the comment: “I just don’t know how he feels about me…”

In a synastry chart, Sun conjunct Sun is a powerful combination. It makes for a couple quite capable of surmounting any obstacle, together. The most fun, though, comes from watching them bicker and squabble, because it can be done with such love and care. Unless there are conflicting elements in the chart, this is a good combination, and quit possibly one that can withstand the rigors of the long haul. Although it wouldn’t be considered typical, I would expect to find a certain degree of theatrics associated with this combination, along with the strong sense of power and destiny. Since both partners are at an early stage of development, the beginning of the zodiac in Western Astrology, this is a relationship that has overtones of lasting far into the future, possibly encompassing many future lives. As such, both partners should learn to cultivate care and respect for each other.

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