Aries Female and Cancer Guy

Cancer: Fire and Water, together the two elements make steam. While this is a good looking relationship on the surface, there are problems at its core because both signs are Cardinal signs, and that means the two signs square each other. Old Time Astrology says that this is a bad angle. Here at the research center, we’ve determined that “no spark, no flame” might be the best way to look at this.

The easiest way to understand the components of—and about—the Aries female and the Cancer male is that there is an attraction. The Aries woman can see that there is a soft and tender (and tasty) interior under that hard Crab shell. It’s just getting to the soft part that makes this a challenging relationship. The Crab creature is deeply emotional, that’s the good news, and forever emotionally supportive, too. He just has a tendency, in the Aries’ eyes, to pout. Sometimes a dimpled pouting can be quite cute.

The problem here, again, is the sign of Cancer because Cancer its self is ruled by the Moon, and the Moon transits through a zodiac sign approximately every two and a half days. The Cancer Male will change emotionally every two days, or so it will seem. And the Aries might have a problem keeping up with these apparent mood swings. The good news is that there’s the potential for enough of an attraction to see this through and make this relationship work. But it is going to take some understanding on the part of the Aries. Remember, you are the ones who are accused of being cold and unfeeling. And also bear in mind, you are not unemotional, just choosing to deal with events in an apparently hasty fashion. Take some of this quick response time, and apply it to that moody Cancer. Watch what can happen. The guy is over in the corner pouting because you said something, maybe even in jest, and he took it seriously, like it was a giant insult.

Of course, if he does the same thing to you, you brush it off and don’t worry about it. Going back to this tension angle that describes the way to the signs are related in the zodiac, there is something of a weird attraction here. An Aries woman will find herself inexplicably drawn to the comfort and nurturing that the Cancer can represent. Just understand that this emotional sensitivity comes at the cost of being ruled by the Moon, and as such, the Cancer can flip through emotions on a pretty quick basis.

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