Aries Female and Capricorn Male

Capricorn: This is one of the most bizarre combinations available, because, despite its first astrological appearance of being a fluke, I’ve seen it work better than just about any other combination. One of the reasons this works is because it is an astrological square, that is, the Suns are at 90 degrees to each other. This is considered a tough angle, a challenge, no matter how nicely you care to characterize it. The strength and tenacity of the Aries female will be tested, time and again, by the sheer stubbornness of the Cappy male. Which sign will win? Both win, in the long run. The Aries female is more willing to forgive, forget, and move on than the Cappy male. This makes for a difference between the two, and this is why the Aries female is the leader in this relationship. That poor old Cappy male is still trying to make up his mind which way to go.

This is also a case where the Aries brashness gets a chance to come into play, and this quickness of temper is useful in this relationship. The Aries is a wonderful companion to the Cappy, the one problem might be in the way Cappy will expound indefinitely on numerous subjects. In fact the Cappy does know a lot, and traditionally, is the teacher in this situation. It’s just you Aries might not always be a willing student. That’s one relationship issue to watch out for.

There’s another problem area, too, and when the planets overhead cause a stress angle to one sign, it will also cause a similar (but different) stress angle to the other. What this means, is that when the going gets tough, and the brown stuff starts to hit the fan, then that brown stuff will not be evenly distributed. One sign will dodge, and the other will duck. In all probability, both signs get hit, just in different areas.

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