Aries Female and Gemini Guy

AriesGemini: The Aries lady will have some problem with a Gemini man because the Aries ability to be up front and adaptable meets its match with the Gemini’s characteristic flightiness. Now, not all Gemini’s are flighty. But there is a kind of quickness inherent to the sign, a certain fickle quality that can drive the Aries around the bend, up a tree and out on a limb. If the Aries female can learn to appreciate this Gemini breadth of character, and find a way to keep the sharp Gemini intellect happy, there is a lot of hope. But it takes a little work, and perhaps a little planning on the past of the Aries.

geminiThe Gemini needs a remote control in life, so he can continually channel surf. Remember, the Gemini is the sign that can actually watch two or three shows at once. For an Aries gal, this can be a problem. The solution is simple two TV sets. To keep that Gemini brain happy, and this is what it is all about, satisfying the Gemini curiosity, the Aries needs to have plenty of reading material, everything from heady academic journals to People Magazine on hand, stuff to keep the myriad of Gemini facets occupied. Gemini is an air sign, a mutable air sign. This accounts for their highly fickle nature. And it indicates a high degree of brain power although, this wonderful brain is often unfocused.

Air feeds Fire—that’s what makes this good. The spark is always there, and a Gemini male can certainly feed your imagination. I’ve dated Gemini’s, and drawing on my own pool of experience, what I’ve found is that you don’t know what your waking up with: one minute, she’s a spiritual being with the qualities of Mother Teresa, and 30 seconds later, she’s Satan Incarnate herself. Don’t like it? Wait a minute or two—it will change. The Gemini often feels like he needs an anchor in life. Not many signs are capable of putting of with this sort of errant behavior, but the Aries female can, and if it’s true love (and other compounding factors in a chart), there is a good chance of success with this relationship.

The whole trick is being adaptable. Be as adaptable as the Gemini is. Learn to tolerate the apparent mood swings. Get ready for what can be a roller coaster ride for life. The key to understanding the Gemini is simple: the Aries sees a bunch of different faces; the Gemini feels like there is but one face. Imagine looking at a finely cut gemstone… the Gemini is the stone. We all see the different facets—the Gemini still feels like there but one person in there….

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