Aries Female and Libra Male



The Scales

It’s another case where opposites attract, that’s what your little Aries self will see in that Libra guy. Good? Maybe. Sometimes. Sort of. You love the way that Libra guy can dress, he has impeccable taste, and some how, he just knows how to say the very words you need to soothe your soul.
Problems? Yes. You are opposites. And you have both been (unfairly, according to me) accused of being tyrants and dictators. Of course, in this situation, each sign is going to try to be the alpha male. At least, the good news, is Mr. Libra has fine sense of dignity and diplomacy. So just exactly who is in charge? In the cases I’ve studied, I’ve never been able to tell for sure.

This is a classic example where one of you loves “country music” and the other loves “western music.” Of course, to an untrained ear, it all sounds like “country and western,” but to his refined Libra tastes, he can understand the minor nuances between a twang and a twang. And your basic Aries feeling is that you’re right, and he doesn’t want to rock that boat too much. But still, there is that small problem of minor variations, and the best you can do with him over matters of taste, or matters of a musical nature, is agree to disagree.

I’ve seen it work well for a serious long–term relationship. I’ve also seen it end in a spectacular firefight. Be forewarned, when this one blows up, if it blows up, it blows up in a rather big way, even to the point of no one surviving with dignity or integrity. All that seems left of this one is shattered remains.
But that doesn’t doom this relationship from the get go. Even with a solar opposition, there are times when this relationship works out very well. The Libra guy has to become accustomed to the fact that you Aries girls can be blunt to the point of painful honesty. He has to learn which questions to ask because you will endeavor to give him an answer, consequences be damned.

That Libra guy also has subtle way with words, he can twist them about in such a way as to make everything all that much better. On more than one potentially explosive situation, you’ll find yourself being swayed by his incredible rhetoric.

The annoying Libra characteristic, the ability to see everything from more than one side, that little, “just wait a minute, let’s consider all the options” pause he is given to, can fall prey to your Aries decisiveness. Work out a way to solve problems and you’ve got a winner. Besides, as far as it goes, this opposition can be a lot of fun.

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