Aries Female and Pisces Man

AriesPisces: The Pisces Male can either be a great lover and friend, possibly the very best relationship you’ve ever encountered, or it can be a bad one. Real bad. Awful. The Mate From Hell. The deal is this: an Aries woman know what she wants and goes for it, no quarter given. The Pisces male let’s some one ride roughshod over him for a while, and then, depending on his planets, reacts badly. Due to the water sign volubility of the Pisces male, there can be a propensity for infidelity. This is not a blanket statement, but it is one that should cover some situations.

PiscesPisces is ruled by Neptune, who is the old Grand Master Fish Dude himself. I will always associate Pisces with the “Mysteries of the Seas” because that’s what is at work here. Of course, in the case of the Pisces, not many people have actually plumbed their depths. This is a relationship built on the fact that the Aries is driving, and the Pisces is following along. While this may feel like a reversal of traditional roles, it’s not. And it does work very effectively. Aries is Fire and Pisces is Water, and together the two make steam.

The other way to look at this relationship is that the Aries is at the beginning of the wheel of life, and the Pisces is at the tail end. The purpose of this relationship, on some level, is to let the Pisces do what he does best: instruct about spiritual matters. In this one area, he is the master of the relationship. The rest are just details. Perhaps the word “master” has a much too strong connotation. How about he is the spiritual figurehead for this relationship?

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