Aries Female and Sagittarius dude

The Archer Sagittarius

The Archer Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Fire and Fire can be a very hot combination, at least, this looks very good on paper. And, in the real world, it works well, too. There is one or two little difficulties that need to be addressed, though, and that is the apparent brash and rash behavior of the Aries that leads some folks to conclude that Aries is cold and heartless—and the short attention span of the Sagittarius male.

These possible foibles notwithstanding, though, this is one of the better Fire/Fire combinations. The Sagittarius will be a little upset from time to time at the Aries inability to react fast enough, and the same Sagittarius will be pleasantly surprised when the Aries does agree to go to France this weekend. Okay, it may not be France, it might be more like the Gulf Coast, but the Aries is perfectly capable of picking up and moving right alongside the Sagittarius.

ariWith all same element relationships, there is a degree of harmony in this pairing that can’t be beat. The passions will forever run high. And both signs are noted for their ability to “shoot from the hip” which is helpful. When the problems occur, though, unless the Sagittarius has a lot of something else in his chart, the Aries will always feel like she is taking the quick way out. And, much to the chagrin of the Sagittarius, the Aries can react more quickly than he. There aren’t many signs whom are capable of taming a Sagittarius male, but this is certainly one of the better pairings that I’ve observed.

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