Aries Female and Scorpio

Scorpio: Think about it, first. Think long and hard before you succumb to the ultimate in seductive attractions in the zodiac, the Scorpio male. Think about what you might be getting yourself into. While I’ve seen this be a successful relationship from time to time, I’ve also seen the innate problems associated with this coupling.

The Scorpio male is steamy, sensual, full of depth, with a hint of sexual tension in everything he does. It’s in his walk, his talk, that undercurrent of passion to jump to a cliché—“Still waters run deep,” and to further that expression, it’s also rather cold on the bottom. The problem is that the Scorpio tends to hold something back, keep something in reserve and this can grate on the straightforward Aries. With just about any Scorpio, you’re going to find, occasionally, that you’re right there, trying to pull information out of him. That’s the problem.

One Scorpio I know claims he “just looks like I’ve got a secret” even though there’s really nothing there. It’s the threat, or the likelihood, or the intent. This Scorpio foreshadowing isn’t all bad, it’s just way they are wired together. And it doesn’t doom this relationship by any means, it just makes for some times when the communication process can get bogged down with languages. The Scorpio fellow might be actually expressing his heartfelt thoughts and the Aries, because they are of a different school of communication, might be hearing a load of rubbish. Same words, it’s all in the delivery.

Will it work? Sure. Are there some problems? In my best Scorpio voice, “Maybe.” The Aries has nothing up her sleeve, no hidden agenda. The Scorpio might always carry the illusion that’s there is something up his sleeve, even if there’s nothing there.

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