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The Ram

Taurus: Aries and Taurus can be problematic, but most of the trouble stems from the fact that both signs appear to be headstrong. This is an astrological fallacy. Taurus is not really headstrong, perhaps a better word would be “determined” or maybe “tenacious.” That’s the secret. The beauty of the relationship lies in the fact that neither sign has the “hidden agenda” routine, although, it would often appear that way to the Aries. If you can find that secret sensual side to the Taurus, and if the Taurus can tame the Aries fire, there is a possibility of a strong relationship here, and also, the possibility of lasting one because this is the second most ideal combination for relating to one sign because it’s Cardinal (Aries) and Fixed (Taurus).

The problems, which do arise, have to be dealt with quickly by the Taurus individual, and failing to do so is the root trouble between these two signs. In a strong love relationship, if the Aries is willing to accept the apparent Taurus fault, there is also the concept of the sensual Taurus nature that can pervade the scene. Unlike other Cardinal–Fixed relationships, though, this one can get past some of the problematic humps but that’s only because the Aries is doing all the striving.

Remember the old adage about Aries, how these people seem to be cold and dispassionate. The average Aries is anything but cold and dispassionate. A more accurate description is one where the Aries is quick to take action. “Still mad about that? I don’t know why, I forgave you a long time ago,” would be a typical Aries reaction whereas the Taurus is still deciding what to do. And that poor old Taurus guy is still trying to decide what to do to this very day.

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