Aries Female and the mighty Leo

The Leo

The Leo

Leo: I’ve always liked this combination, I just don’t get to see it as often as I like. It fits my Cardinal and Fixed rule, and as a Sagittarius, it also fits my Fire Rules rule. Perhaps all the Aries girls and Leo guys are so happy they never seek an astrologer for advice. So what gives?

Aries girls have a certain inability to tell stretchers, even if they are raised in Texas. With a Leo guy, an occasional stretcher is a good idea. When you’re the mightiest sign in the zodiac, a little acknowledgment is a good idea. That’s where the truthful Aries is truthful to a fault. Makes for trouble. However, just like the passion that runs so strong in this relationship, there is also a degree of interest that runs equally high. If an Aries girl like yourself can learn to deal with the Leo’s ways, I’ll assure you that there is a greater reward for efforts than you would ever imagine.

Leo’s like attention, and if an Aries can focus her undivided attention on Mr. Leo right now, and for the next five minutes, you can find yourself being rewarded with 15 minutes of his time and adulation. It’s a basic three for one deal. Not a bad deal at all. That’s math even those of us with Liberal Arts degree can figure out.

But it’s also going to take a little toning down to deal with Mr. Leo. At times, in this relationship, you’re going to feel like he’s a little childish. So? So he is. It’s not like some astrologers don’t suggest that all Aries are childish, too. Not me, but others. Go and watch a nature video about lions in Africa. Watch how the male lion works. That mighty hunter, that guy lion with the beautiful mane, that’s your man. Now, treat him the same way that the girl lion treats that guy, and you’ve landed yourself a winning combination. It can work, but you Aries folks just have to understand how the other works.

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  • Aries girl May 9, 2013 @ 2:23

    This is Spot On! So fun to read. & Yes, we aries girls have the inability to tell stretchers. I don’t usually encounter many Leo guys but the ones I know are very nice and some are very quite and weird. Either way, they all seem to have some kind of Pride. That’s weird.

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