Aries Female and Virgo Male

VirgoVirgo: When I look at this one on paper, I mean, when I sit here and print up the various charts, and think back to the individual readings and try to draw some serious conclusions, the only message that pops into my mind is, “Why?”

AriesIt’s a great idea. It looks good on paper. It doesn’t work in the real world. Mr. Virgo is picky picky picky. Picky. And that’s no sooner said than some Virgo guy comes along and hounds me to a distraction about how he is not so retentive. Right. “But I’m not. Really! No, really, I’m not!” Sure thing. So perhaps this Virgo that you’ve fallen for is a little critical at times. That doesn’t mean that this is without some merit to it, but if you don’t understand that a Virgo can sometimes show that he cares by not criticizing as much, if you don’t understand the relative way his brain works, if you don’t understanding that he’s trying to come up with a practical application for some of this stuff, then you don’t stand much of a chance.

Dating a Virgo, especially for an Aries chick (one editor suggested that “chick” was hopelessly outdated term, but Aries females are always cute, and a little bird is cute therefore I let it stand), is tough. Not impossible, but tough. The inherent bluntness of both signs can cause some friction that’s not easy to smooth over.

There’s a problem with trying to get the two to work together seamlessly. In fact, it’s like that missing rivet from the Cowboy Brand of Jeans (Levi’s don’t have a rivet in the crotch because of an accident squatting around the fire once). There needs to be some kind of solid anchor which holds these two signs together. Without that foundation, there’s just enough friction to cause a lot of minor pain. It’s not enough pain to dispose of the offending pair of pants, not right away, but sooner or later, you’ll clean out your closet and wonder why you kept this cause of friction around for so long.

If you’ve got the anchor that holds this all together, then your set for a life–mate. But without some bedrock in here, this relationship will fall apart at the seams.

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