Aries guys

Aries guys: ram tough, this is the hard chargin’ sign of the truck. So it’s the first sign out of the wheel, what is it? Cardinal Fire, ruled by Mr. Mars, the God of War. Tough buggers, that’s the Aries Energy. Headstrong, stubborn, and those are the good qualities. Aries fish with dynamite. Nothing subtle here.

Shopping at 3:00 AM: Precision Shopping. Even in an induced stupor at three in the morning, the Aries knows what he wants, and the Aries gets what he is looking for. Nothing will deter him from this mission. Since Mars rules cutting instruments, being the Roman God of War, you can expect a surgical strike on the grocery store at 3:00 AM. A popular Aries food is the olive, which has been stuffed with a Serrano Pepper. Make sure that’s on the list for the 3:00 AM Food Strike Force.

Brick Wall: Just as the symbol for Aries is the Ram, and just as the glyph for Aries is the Ram’s Horns, Aries is very straightforward about problem resolution. They are very direct. Put a brick wall in front of an Aries, and he will charge straight into it. He will just lower his head, and bang away on that brick surface until something cracks. Like as not, it will be the wall. Aries are accused of being stubborn, but that’s not really the case. There is a certain amount of determination that comes with them, though, and they do charge headlong into that brick wall every time.

Bait: Live shad — see, an Aries fish needs something that wiggles, and let’s face facts, in some cases –– and Aries is just such a case –– no artificial bait can replace that special movement you can only get with a live one. For the non–technical folks, we call it action. Aries needs action, activity, and agility in order to get caught. Nothing works better than live shad for big redfish.

Body part: Head and face.

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