Kramer Wetzel

Pisces girl and Pisces guy

Pisces: It wasn’t supposed to work. It wasn’t a good idea. But that’s never stopped a Pisces because, let’s face it, a Pisces can make anything work if they want to. I’ve seen this unlikely relationship actually work better than most because of the similarity between the basic compassionate nature of both parties. Not long [...]

Pisces girl and Aquarius guy

Aquarius: Oh no. Oh yes. Maybe. It’s not a relationship without some merit, and to be truthful, I’ve seen it successful more often than not. But there is a small problem with an Aquarius male, and that goes back to the basic difficulty with the Aquarius sign itself: aloof, apart, different, diffident. But no sooner [...]

Pisces girl and Capricorn guy

Capricorn: To be honest, I have to love both these signs. There is a quality, though, in this relationship that might cause some problems on that long and lonely highway of life. In fact, as long as you are dating a Capricorn guy, you’re going to feel like the Highway Department has abandoned maintenance on [...]

Pisces girl and Sagittarius dude

Sagittarius: There will always be one Pisces girl who will automatically assume that this is about her. No, it’s not. But dear, we will always have Paris. That would Paris, Texas, in case you ain’t up on geography these days. This is one of those relationships that works against the odds. The odds are figured [...]

Pisces woman and Scorpio guy

Scorpio: This is one of my favorite relationships to see. Is it good? It’s usually very, very good. There is about one tenth of the group I’ve looked at where this doesn’t work out. Out of that population, it usually has a lot to do with conflicting Moon signs and various other transits that occur [...]

Pisces girl and Libra guy

Libra: Libra Men. What can be said about them that hasn’t already been observed? There’s a quality that will inexorably draw a Pisces to him, though. I happen to succumb to the appeal of the Libra guy pretty well. They can sucker me faster than anything. It’s the look, the talk, the walk, something he [...]

Pisces girl and Virgo guy

Virgo: You know, as a decent Pisces girl, you might just want to ask yourself, “Self, why did I get involved with a Virgo guy?” because, although them Virgo fellers have many fine qualities, some of them finer qualities are going to be lost on a good little Pisces gal. Sounds patronizing, and it is. [...]

Pisces girl and Leo guy

Leo: This is another one of those questionable relationships. But then, at the risk of sounding rhetorical, in the case with a Pisces woman, isn’t every relationship questionable? Of course it is. Now, this is real simple. Mr. Leo is a Fixed Fire Sign. He’s associated with the fifth House in zodiac talk. He’s a [...]

Pisces girl and Cancer guy

Cancer: It works. It works well. Its counterpart seems to be stellar. There is a little bit of lore which surrounds the Cancer guy, and it’s best that you back up to some traditional astrology texts and reference this material before you embark on a journey with this guy. Cancer is the sign of the [...]

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