Kramer Wetzel

Aries Female and Taurus guy

Taurus: Aries and Taurus can be problematic, but most of the trouble stems from the fact that both signs appear to be headstrong. This is an astrological fallacy. Taurus is not really headstrong, perhaps a better word would be “determined” or maybe “tenacious.” That’s the secret. The beauty of the relationship lies in the fact [...]

Aries Female and Aries Male

Aries: Aries female and Aries male is a good combination because both partners are very much alike, although that may be a source of discord in the relationship due to the similarities. Aries is a Cardinal Sign, the first one out of the gate, a strong self–starter and self–promoter. Occasionally, in this relationship, the problem [...]

Aries guys

Aries guys: ram tough, this is the hard chargin’ sign of the truck. So it’s the first sign out of the wheel, what is it? Cardinal Fire, ruled by Mr. Mars, the God of War. Tough buggers, that’s the Aries Energy. Headstrong, stubborn, and those are the good qualities. Aries fish with dynamite. Nothing subtle [...]

Using this text

So it’s the New Age. Rather embark upon a discussion about the Age of Aquarius and its ramifications, or, for that matter, exactly when it all started, let’s skip to the meat. If ya’ll are vegan, the meat of the message is the same, it’s the juicy part of the vegetable. Despite my New Age, [...]


Gonzo Astrology — I encountered the term “gonzo journalism” sometime back in the late 1970s, and it influenced me enough to call my old racing team, “F & L Racing.” It stood for Fear & Loathing, an obvious allusion to the work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson that has influenced a great deal of what [...]


Preface: Dedicated to Bubba Ben, Bubba Bill, Bubba Blaine, Bubba Dave, Bubba Greg, Bubba Mark, Bubba Pat, Bubba Sean, Bubba Troy, and that one special girl in Texas…. Fishing Through the zodiac, looking for love: “Hey Bubba, did you get your trolling motor back from your ex–wife?”

Virgo female and Leo male

Leo: There is a special essence that every Virgo female seems to feel at one time or another, and this makes the female feel as if she needs to be of service in some capacity. What better place to serve than to be a mate for a mighty Leo? Leo is fire sign, and this [...]


I met Kramer Wetzel in early 1996. He told me that my life would soon change dramatically, but in very good ways. The next day my mother died. Six weeks later he was back on the radio show I produced. When I told him what happened he looked at my chart again and said, “Dude, [...]

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