Kramer Wetzel

Pisces girl and Gemini guy

Gemini: So the Pisces female has herself a Gemini guy? What are you two going to do? The Pisces is the one who is further along when it comes to “karmic path” because the sign is the last sign in the zodiac and the Gemini is frequently a much younger sort. And, Gemini men are [...]

Pisces girl and Taurus guy

Taurus: Let’s look at how a Pisces female will relate to a Taurus guy. See, what we’ve got is the most grounded of fixed signs, after all, Taurus is the Fixed Earth Sign, and the Pisces female is bound to be all emotions which flow just like that water which the element that one would [...]

Pisces girl and Aries guy

Aries: No no no. It will not work. It will never work. You two certainly don’t belong together because, let’s face it, that Aries guy is brash, arrogant, obnoxious, he says a lot of things but means nothing, and he’s basically not any good for you. I’m sure I’ve missed a few points with my [...]

Pisces guys

Pisces guys: Pisces adhere to the highest of standards but when circumstances don’t work out, these guys are the greatest to party with. It was a Pisces who invented the famous slogan, “Beer: it’s not just for breakfast anymore!” Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the star–kissed tuna roll of the sea. Grocery store: This is [...]

Aquarius guys

Aquarius guys: This sign used to be ruled by Saturn until Uranus came along, quit making butt jokes. It’s the sign of the “Black Hat” These are outlaws of the zodiac. It’s really an air sign, too, and stubborn, at that. They never fish with the right bait, but they wind up with the biggest [...]

Aquarius female and Pisces male

Pisces: Skip it, you should know better. Of course, that’s just going to make him that much more appealing, but make sure you know what you’re getting in to. Pisces guys are wonderful. There is a depth of understanding, a mysterious “something” about them that just leaves the rest of ya’ll wondering, “What is it [...]

Aquarius girl and Aquarius guy

Aquarius: “They said it would never work,” is the expression that comes to mind, and then, all I can do is think about times when it has worked. It is an odd combination, and the places that I’ve found this one to be more successful are in remote locations. It’s like two halves of the [...]

Aquarius woman and Capricorn man

Capricorn: Since these two signs are so close to each other, it just seems like it would be a natural match to hook them up. In some cases, this can work very well. In other cases, this ain’t so hot. All depends on what else is floating around. But it does follow the Cardinal Rule [...]

Aquarius girl and Sagittarius guy

Sagittarius: I’ve done more research into this strange combination than perhaps I should. As such, it might weight my favor in an obnoxiously positive direction. But I’ve found this to be a good pairing of sun signs. There’s an obvious reason for this, both of these signs are scholarly, albeit in different directions. And to [...]

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