Kramer Wetzel

Aquarius female and Scorpio male

Scorpio: Tough call, here. I’ve seen a couple of those unions work out over the long haul, but it’s not like it’s an everyday occurrence. The challenge, and this is one of those times when other stuff in the chart really counts, the challenge is to get past the Aquarius/Scorpio debate about who is in [...]

Aquarius female and Libra male

Libra: Aquarius Female and Libra male is a good combination because the basic intellectual compatibility is there. The air signs match up well with each other. There is a problem, though, with two signs that each think that he or she needs to be in charge. I’ve often accused Libra’s of being manipulative. And I’ve [...]

Aquarius female and Virgo male

Virgo: Think about this before you embark. Of course, should I give you any dire warnings about this relationship, you’ll just take that as a high sign to continue. Perhaps that’s the best way to word this, for you. It’s not without some problems. But how could any relationship not have a few problems? This [...]

Aquarius woman and Leo man

Leo: The worst of the worst or the best of the best, and one of you is going to make the call. The Aquarius is a natural rebel, male or female because titles are labels, and most Aquarius girls eschew labels of any kind, therefore, oh, never mind—you make this too difficult. Sometimes it works, [...]

Aquarius female and Cancer male

Cancer: Why oh why did you ever do this? You should know better. But now that you’ve done it, perhaps there is some way to salvage this relationship. Cancer men emote. A lot. They are capable of great depth of feeling. They are wondrous creatures who will always amaze you. They are fun loving, at [...]

Aquarius female and Gemini male

Gemini: Yes. Sure, a Gemini male is a fine thing, a wondrous piece of work. But if you’re really interested, make sure you consider both sides of the Gemini face. Make that all 43 sides of the Gemini before acquiescing to him. Got that? One of the serious positives about a Gemini male is that [...]

Aquarius female and Taurus male

Taurus: The Taurus guy with an Aquarius woman can be good, if certain conditions are met, better yet, if certain conditions are understood. Realize how a Taurus deals with problems. Realize that both signs are fixed, and therefore, rather stubborn in their own ways. The Taurus guy can be quite cultured, soft, sensual, a wonderful [...]

Aquarius female and Aries male

Aries: The Aquarius female loves the fiery passion exhibited by the Aries guy. That much works really well. There are problems, though, and the Aquarius female is going to be forced to develop a little understanding of the childlike nature of an Aries male in order to make this love take root and grow. On [...]

Capricorn girl and Pisces guy

Pisces: One a scale of the best relationships I’ve ever seen, this is second only to its reverse. But you’re going to have to be pretty careful when handling your Pisces guy. He is a little more sensitive than you. No, that’s not true, he’s not more sensitive than you. No one is more sensitive [...]

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