Cancer female and Aquarius male

Aquarius: This looks so wonderful from my vantage point, I just can’t understand why I don’t see it more often. Of course, if I look at the paper version of this, the charts themselves, I can understand why the most frequent comment is, “He’s an Aquarius—it didn’t work because he is so….” then insert your favorite comment about Aquarius males.

He is appealing. He looks wonderful. He is so refined. It seems like it should work. But Cancer women have something that’s a special quality not found in other signs, or even other females (except, of course, the girls with Cancer Moons), whatever this quality is, the Aquarius guy just doesn’t get it.

If you are willing to put up with some of his tendencies to be acerbic and intellectual while you are emotional and have your own depth of feeling, it might work. At least, it works for a little while. Sort of. Don’t count on it lasting, though. I’m not the disturbed individual saying that all relationships with an Aquarius are doomed, nor am I one to pick on the sign. It’s just that this is an unlikely pairing, and from long experience, it doesn’t work as often as it should.

There are exceptions to every rule. If there is a degree of water in his Aquarius chart, or if you are willing to forgive his “apparent” lack of emotion, then this works. And I call it apparent, but no Aquarius guy is actually devoid of emotion, he just doesn’t always demonstrate it in the same way a normal guy does.

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