Cancer Female and Cancer Male

Cancer: Cancer female and Cancer male can be one of the most powerful and wonderful feeling relationships there is. There are some drawbacks, though, and the Moon Signs of the two characters needs to be consulted, as well, because the Sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Emotions run high in this relationship. Very high indeed! Even worse, is the thought that the two Cancers might never, ever get out of the house.

However, the Cancer Male and the Cancer Female are completely different creatures, though. Due to societal limitation, upbringing, and the way we tend to think, the Cancer male is lost in his sea of feelings whereas the Cancer female is perfectly at home in this same ocean. She navigates with perfect ease and grace while he sort of fumbles along. This is where the trouble occurs. While it’s a generalization of the worst kind, it holds remarkably true in this case. Ask a Cancer male how he feels, and the response usually has to do with something or other, and he takes a very indirect approach to actually answering the question. Like the archetype for the sign, a crab, the Cancer male will have very strong feelings for his mate, he just won’t talk about it.

Ask the same question of the Cancer female, and she will respond almost immediately with a great torrent of words. This is the fundamental difference between the two. I realize that this is hyperbole, but more often than not, it applies in this situation. Now, with Sun Conjunct Sun, which is what this is, the union of the two can be very powerful. The trouble lies in dealing with the huge amount of emotions that are at stake here. Both partners are sensitive, but the female is more willing to be vulnerable. And, indeed, in this relationship, someone is almost always getting his or her feelings hurt. Effective methods of dealing with this huge outpouring of emotions are necessary. The differences are between the Cancer female and the Cancer male because the one key concept for Cancer as a sign is nurturing. And, in today’s society, you just don’t see one football player telling another, “Hey, I just need a hug and some reassurance that everything is going to be okay.”

I’ll be surprised if my Cancer editor let’s this part stay, too, and that’s the finally thing that I have to say about Cancer males, and this really applies in this relationship: the key word is guilty. Remember that when you are face to face with a guilty looking Cancer male. He would flunk a lie detector test, just because of his Sun Sign. To this day, there’s one Cancer guy out there, feeling bad about something I’m doing or not doing.

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  • Kelly Aug 27, 2014 @ 1:23

    As a cancerian female who was dating a cancerian male I’d have to say I find this article true. Male crabs can be closed off unintentionally & struggle communicating everything they feel. This really limits the intimacy & causes confusion about what he says (which is all the right things) vs what he does which seems withdrawn, slightly aloof or detached in person (must be the hiding behind the shell thing which I get). But there can be mixed signals caused by rhis & it can just get irritating real fast, old & boring. After two years being on & off-its finally officially OFF.

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