Cancer Female and Libra Male



The Scales

A Cancer girl will usually fall right for a Libra guy. That’s good news. That’s even great news, in some cases. But there’s an encumbrance that the Libra guy brings into this relationship, and that little problem is the way he deals with problems. This can drive a poor Cancer woman to the edge. In at least one case, the Cancer woman came to me and asked about jumping off the cliff. I couldn’t really suggest it. However, the thought of pushing her Libra mate off the same cliff wasn’t such a bad idea.

The Libra guy is fun. He’s charming. He’s got a way of being able to sugar coat just about everything. That’s good. His refined actions and tastes indicate that he’s quite the suave character, at least in your book. But there’s always something that doesn’t seem to ring true… on certain occasions, you’re going to feel like he is pulling your leg. You’re going to feel like he’s not as sincere as he seems.

I wouldn’t worry about this apparent lack of sincerity. It’s not really the case. While your little Libra guy might seem to be overly concerned about appearances, that understanding is not all it takes to make this work. There’s also the part that goes on behind closed doors, and I don’t really want to know about the intimate details. However, I’m sure you do, and that’s part of what makes this improbable combination work. It’s the real intimacy, and yes, despite his appearances and smooth talking ways, he is very capable of it.

As with so many relationships, this is a case where the Sun Signs square each other. In traditional astrology, this is a bad angle. Good for attraction, bad for a fight. But the nature of these two signs seems to work okay with each other. And then there’s that other thing, that basic animal attraction that you two always seem to have for each other.

Go for it? That’s up to you. Odds are good, but still odd.

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