Cancer girl and Pisces guy



The Fishes

It works and it’s a pretty good thing, really. What this is, as a combination, is it does combine the best of water signs in an rollicking festival where feelings run strong and deep. The Cancer woman can find all of her emotional needs met by the Pisces guy. It’s possible, and I’ve seen this work more often than not.

To be sure, as in all interpersonal relationships, as the astrologer, I only get to see the outside of what happens, I only get the parts that I’m told. Looking as an observer, though, I’ve seen this one work well because the basic nature of the two signs is such that they compliment each other in a supportive way. At the risk of using old time astrology keywords, the Cancer girl is by nature a nurturing person. And there is an element present in the Pisces that makes anyone want to just pick up and cuddle him. He likes to be looked after, and this is what the Cancer woman likes to do. Of course, this isn’t without some sort of ritual bonding. It could be something simple, or perhaps it’s a more complex ritual that defies what we observers fail to detect, but I’m pretty sure that it’s there.


The Crab

Someplace, on some level, these two have a little “arrangement” which is exactly what makes this work so well. It might even be, given the nature of Mr. Pisces, a nonverbal deal. Whatever the understanding is, though, it’s an important piece of the way these two interact. It’s the keystone, it’s that little piece that hold together a Roman Arch, it’s the cornerstone.

Since water is symbolically linked to emotions, you can be sure that the emotional content of this pairing is high. And since the feelings are so strong, that’s part of the strength. Pisces guys sometimes get bad rap from other signs and in other relationships. In this one, however, it’s a good one.

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