Cancer girl and Taurus guy

2taurusTaurus: In traditional astrology terms, Water and Earth make mud. But by my way of looking at things, there’s a certain soft and gentle quality in the mud that is ever so comforting. It’s soft, warm on a cool day, cool on a warm day, refreshing, and in some of the better health spas I’ve been at, it’s also considered a delicate beauty treatment. And that’s what this can be like, a virtual mud–bath that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed.

The problem with those health spa places is that they neglect to tell you just what that mudpack is going to do to you in the long run. Or, in my case, what the Taurus is like in the long run. This does have the FGS Seal of Approval for a Fixed and Cardinal relationship. But Mr. Taurus, unless he’s got a fair degree of maturity, isn’t going to be willing to work with some of the more obvious of the Cancer traits. It’s that depth of feeling that you’ve got, and I’m not sure a young Taurus understands how to respond.

CancerPlus there is the ever so appealing sensual side of the Taurus, Mr. Tactile, and this can amaze you for hours on end. Then there’s also a shared love of the good life, especially if this good life includes food. That much works well for you two. It’s just the other details that are problematic. Neither of you two are real willing to confront the little areas in a relationship that occasionally need some gentle confrontation. For a better understanding of what I mean, check out the brick wall metaphor under each sun sign. Then imagine those two together.

When it works, there can lots of love here. When you’ve got some kind of a stable foundation, it looks really good. But without the foundation, this one looks better than it really is.

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