Cancer woman and Capricorn man

Capricorn: Rather than be objective about this, I’ll just say that opposites do attract. Look at my Gemini collection, and me a Sagittarius. I can’t urge too much caution with this one because it is always appealing. Very appealing at times. And that Capricorn fellow is a good one. You can sense his strength, you can see that he looks good to you, you love his levelheaded yet light hearted attitude at times. But wait, there’s more to this than that.

With opposing Suns, there is an attraction, but there is also room for some pretty big conflict. Major scale war. I’m thinking about a situation where a couple lobs low–yield thermonuclear devices at each other.

I went digging through my files for more information, and what I found was that this is pretty common relationship, and that’s against the odds. The ones who stick it out, usually there is a long courtship involved, but the ones who do stick it all out seem to have a pretty righteous relationship. So consider that. The similarities between both signs are good. And I’m staying away from the “water and earth” elements make mud analogy because, given time, the two harden into a rock. So yes, this can be as stable as a rock. There is a good indication that the Lunar Child, that would be the Cancer girl (now probably a woman), has done some homework on herself. Therapy, counseling, self–help books, something like that, and the Capricorn is sufficiently self–aware to be able to laugh at his innate foibles.

Since I’m particularly fond of Cancer women and Capricorn men, I’ve found this one to be successful. But it’s not a success without a little bit of work. There is that opposition of sun signs, and that means you guys are 180 degrees apart on some topics. At least, with you two, it’s easy to have points where you agree to disagree. One of you is bound to be an inordinately dense Republican whereas the other one might be a progressive, forgiving, forward, and right–thinking Democrat.

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