Cancer woman and Gemini guy

Gemini: I’ve got one of my special Cancer friends, and she took one look over my shoulder at what I was about to write, and she suggested that, “All Gemini men are psycho.” I patted her hand assured her (in jest) that she could encompass a group larger than just Gemini, given her last few failed attempts at relationships.

However, with a Gemini guy, sooner or later, you’re going to pull this note up, and say, “You know, Mr. ‘Know–it–all’ Fishing Guide, your friend was right. All Gemini men are psycho.”

It’s just not true. The group, though, collectively referred to as Gemini, is a bizarre one. Depends on what you’re looking for. Fun and adventure? They can be that. Loads of entertainment, your Gemini can be that, too. Weird and wacky? Sure, and we haven’t even left on the date yet. You guys do get along, that’s the good news. But if you are looking for a serious, long–term committed relationship, I might suggest that you look to another sign. I’ve seen one or two sets of charts where this pairing has worked well for a long time.

In those examples, what the dear, sweet Cancer woman does is look after the Gemini. He’s like a small child, at times. Of course, given his changeable nature, he is also like a fully–grown adult at times, too. The Cancer girl learns how to enjoy the brazenly bizarre nature of the Gemini. It could happen. I’ve seen it in two stellar examples.

If you know anything about statistics, two examples don’t make an accurate random number of successful attempts. But I figure this can work. There is always someone who will tell you it doesn’t work. But when you show up for this Gemini Rodeo, remember that you’re doing more than just barrel racing. You might be required to ride wild horses, or you might even get stuck on top of one of those giant bulls, one of those guys with a seriously bad attitude. But the bull ride is just like the Gemini, and maybe that’s why this does work sometimes, that ride is only 8 seconds of angry animal, and then it’s back to everything being wonderful again. At least one male Gemini I know considers 8 seconds to be the Gemini equivalent of two normal lifetimes.

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