Cancer woman and Leo male

Leo: Skip it. There are times when this works, and then there are times when this doesn’t work. And the times that it does work, it seems to dissolve into one of those times that it doesn’t work. That’s about the nicest way I can say it. A good Cancer girl doesn’t know what to do with a real Leo guy. And after you’ve been around him for a little while, he’s going to feel terribly transparent to you.

The problem is words. He is passionate and artistic. You are emotional and creative. Very different words for similar, but seemingly the same, type of behaviors. And after a while, you get tired of having to put up with his “party animal” ways.

Look: not all Leo guys are the life of the party. But just about every one of them likes to have the Sun shining on him, all the time. As long as you put him at the center of your universe, everything is okay.

The problem I’ve seen with this is that a good Cancer girl often puts the Leo guy at the center of her Solar System. Once again, we’re back to the actual definitions of the words. Works well for a little while. But that Leo guy is looking for you to be there for the rest of this natural life, and you are going to get a little tired of that after a while. And there are more objects in the universe than there are just in the solar system.

See what the little problems are about? Sooner or later, that Leo of yours is going to get upset because there is something that you are doing that preempts him. And while Leo’s are fine people, never let them slip to the number two position on your hierarchy of life. If he’s not the center of your world, then this might not work.
When it does work, you find that you can get over the little problems with semantics and let this thing go the way it should.

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