Cancer woman and Scorpio man

CancerScorpio: This double water combination is not without some merit to it. It has great potential. However, if you’re like me at all, as soon as someone says, “You have such great potential,” a little red flag pops up. Translation: you amount to nothing right now.

ScorpioBut these two set of signs together, the Scorpio guy with his steamy, smoldering sensuality, and the Cancer woman with all her charm, it does look good on paper. I’ve seen it work, in the real world, on occasion. It does look good, too. But be very careful, you are dealing with a Scorpio Male. He has an ego, sometimes a frail one, and he might forgive an injurious comment, but the chances are, born out from long experience, he won’t forget. Keep that in mind.

The problem is that a Scorpio guy has a tough exterior. He can come across as mean and vindictive. But there’s also a tender, caring, and most important, sensitive side to this guy. Trust me, I’ve seen it from time to time. I know my Scorpio guys. And you need to handle this sensitive nature with care because there is an emotional bond between you two. Oh, it’s there, you can almost feel it. Of course, this is going to present a situation where you will sooner or later be exasperated with him. You might throw up you hands in disgust, to borrow a cliché, and holler, “What do you think I am, psychic or something?”

Well, dear Cancer woman, yes you are. We all have a certain intuitive gift. It’s very important. And no place better does this link show up than in this a–here relationship. Get used to it.

In the best of situations, you can spend hours gazing into each others’ eyes and communicating on an ethereal plane. Cool. But on a bad day, you can slip up and say that one thing he really doesn’t want to hear. That’s when the trouble starts. Remember, he might forgive but I’d suggest he’d never forget. In fits of anger brought about by frustration, don’t say anything you might regret. He’s a Scorpio. Always think before you say anything. Handle with care, and you can reap some rewards.

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