Cancer Woman and Virgo Man

Virgo: Let’s get this straight, right away here. I love both Cancer women and Virgo men. I’ve got any number of got friends who can provide interesting fodder for looking at this connection. I’ve got nothing but warm respects for both signs. However, in a relationship, I’ve seen this go both ways. In theory, this is a good combination. On paper, this works well. In the real world, out there past the seething electrons of the virtual world I live in, past the printed page, though, this can be a little problematic.

I was reviewing some information, late last night, for a different astrology topic, going through an old Shakespeare play, and I kept hitting on strength displayed by the female roles in some of Shakespeare’s comedy plays. The women are strong and adaptable. What’s even funnier is when you get look at the historical side, it was originally males playing a female, and then you get a male playing a female playing a male, and then I get lost. But the irony shouldn’t be completely lost on you.
There’s a problem with this relationship because a strong woman can sometimes overpower a Virgo guy. He’ll be just as sweet as fresh Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit in the morning, but then, come evening, that delicious grapefruit has soured quite a bit. And he can seem to turn for no discernible reason. That’s a problem. Now, don’t lose sight of the fact that the Ruby Red Grapefruit is one of the healthiest and most delicious fruits grown. It has a strong taste and sometimes can make you pucker, but at its heart, it is also really good for you. That’s also a consideration here.

So how does this roll up into a relationship? It can be good. Next to the Virgo, though, at times, you are going to feel a little inconstant. He can be an anchor for you, but he’s voluble anchor, at best. It’s a good combination, although, it’s not always the best. He can be very attentive, too, and there’s nothing that a Cancer female can really enjoy more than occasionally be doted upon. After all, you are nurturing sign, and nothing works better than a little natural nurture for yourself.

Legendary Virgo attention to detail, though, can sometimes come across as Virgo anal–retentive preoccupation. That can drive a good Cancer girl right around the bend. When this is good, it is very good. And when it goes bad, be patient because there’s a better than average chance that he will come around again, soon. There is a long suffering quality about a good Virgo male, a touch of a martyr in him, and every once in a while, you have to succumb to this syndrome, if only for a little while. Pat his fevered brow, and tell him everything will be okay. It will.

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