Capricorn female and Cancer male

Cancer: I’ve been careful of how I’ve put my astrology love guide together because I’ve found that just going by the signs alone doesn’t always work the best. There’s also a gender to thing to consider, and no where does this show itself more than right here. This is an odd combination and one that is not without some merit. But you have to remember that you have opposites and while opposites do attract each other, they can also form the virulent of detractions, as well.

When this is good, when the energy is flowing well between these two signs, it works well. When it’s not working well, when the defense mechanisms kick into gear, then there’re a lot of problems. And what’s the real problem? The male is a water sign, and as such, he’s overly sensitive to any number of problems.

The Capricorn, in a hasty moment, can pretty easily run roughshod right over that poor Cancer’s feelings. It might be in a fit of pique, or it might be, in a very genuine moment, an accident.

Imagine your Capricorn self, in your lovely Capricorn car, backing out of the driveway of life, going some place in a hurry. Imagine your Cancer fellow standing there at the driver’s window, him just wanting to give you a little peck on the cheek before you go. It’s supposed to be an endearing moment, fraught with emotion. What I’ve seen happen once too often is that the Capricorn backs right over that Cancer’s toes. Ouch, no one deserved that. Now, in this example, what’s worse, is that Cappy girl just keeps on going, oblivious to the fact that she’s just run over his toes, or his feelings. Or what he’s feeling about having his toes ran over. This is the problem. And most Cancer men are inclined to sulk a bit rather than hop around and yell, scream, shout, and otherwise let you know that you just ran over his toes.

To make this work well, you’ve got to learn to be more sensitive to his little ways, and don’t hesitate to use the brakes a little more often. Of course, this is the inherent problem because Cap girls are always on the go—it’s one of their endearing qualities.

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