Capricorn female and Sagittarius male

SagittariusSagittarius: This is a unique relationship. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, fraught with get up and go. Sagittarius is a wandering sign, with nothing but the next horizon on his mind. While this relationship can be stable, most likely it won’t be.

I will promise, however you slice it up, that the two people will learn a great deal from each other. It usually falls out that the Sagittarius is the wandering soul, and the Capricorn female is the anchor. And, as an anchor, the Cappy has to be a teacher of sorts, too. This can create great problems because most Sag men are given to lecturing whenever and wherever possible. Even when it’s a subject that they know nothing about—that won’t stop pontificating Sag guys. Won’t stop us at all. Therein lies the problem with this relationship: who’s the boss? Who is on top?

The Sag will react sharply against any feeling of confinement or attempts at direction. Give him free reign, and watch him come running back to you every time. In this case, I would also have to address some of the sexual proclivities of the two signs. The Capricorn, with her great physical stamina, needs to work with the Sagittarius male who needs lots of sex. Sag is known as the most prolific in the zodiac, if numbers mean anything, and the Capricorn is (although this is not common knowledge) has the most endurance. This is the key to keeping a Sag guy happy. Wear him out. Cappy’s are about the only sign that can accomplish this.

“Hey baby, who loves you?”

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