Capricorn female and Taurus male



Taurus: This is really one of the better Cardinal and Fixed relationships because it’s in two earth signs. All that dirt can be quite grounding. That’s the good news. That’s the great news. If you are willing to consult a plethora of old astrology texts, it will tell you that this is a good combination. The Taurus guy is one of the few critters who can really, and I mean really, keep up with a Capricorn girl. Few signs are as durable as a Capricorn, and I can’t think of a sign that ages more gracefully. Unlike fishing bait that isn’t much good after about three days, this relationship just keeps getting better and better with time.


The Bull

The angle between the signs is called a trine. A trine is one leg of a triangle, and that’s one of the strongest structures in engineering terms. Of course, I have an English degree so my engineering terms are pretty weak. But there’s nothing weak about this relationship. I’ve seen this one be a slow relationship of sorts. It takes a while to develop. It takes a long time to develop some substance, and it takes even longer to grow and blossom. With all this dirt in the relationship, what I see is most like those tulip bulbs that have to be stored in the freezer. The plants are beautiful in the springtime, when they finally get around to blossoming, but the requirements for growth are a slow process.

Since this relationship is like a garden with those bulbs in it, this “affair of the heart” will take some time to develop. Don’t forget that those bulbs need extra attention in the fall. In parts of Texas, gardeners have to dig the old bulbs up, put them in a bag, and put them in the freezer for the winter. It’s the only way to get a full cycle going for the little guys. This relationship is like that, too. It occasionally requires a little bit of time, and certain actions are necessary in order to keep it alive. Don’t be afraid of strange things that you find are necessary to prolong the life of this weirdly wonderful combination.

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