Capricorn woman and Aquarius man

AquariusAquarius: While the fixed and cardinal relationship is usually one of the best, this one has a few problems because we’re dealing a fixed air sign with you Aquarius. At least one Capricorn woman I know has assured me that all men are pathological liars. Such a blanket statement sounds a little bitter. (“I like them like my coffee, not hot and black, just bitter.”)

Bitterness aside, the real glue that is required to make a relationship work is missing here. It just doesn’t exist. The appeal of the Aquarius guy is there, but his airy feeling wears thin before the long term is usually achieved.
Research a Aquarius a little, and make an effort to understand the problems associated with his cool and detached side. In the beginning, that’s part of what appeals about this guy, the concept that you’ve got a male that actually thinks. So much for the good news.

CapricornSooner or later, you want to grab him, shake him, and suggest that he just feel something, some emotion. At times like this, the Aquarius reacts in typical Aquarius manner, pausing long enough to think. Action is something that Capricorn likes, and these moments of inaction on his part come across as feeling like there’s just nothing there.
There is something there, he’s just making an effort to do something unpredictable. Predictably unpredictable. It’s too bad, too, because this is the exactly wrong thing to do. You need a decisive action at this time, not someone who is thinking about what to do.

If you are willing to adjust you reactions a little, then this can work. But it’s a long shot for a betting person, and the odds aren’t good.

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