Capricorn woman and Aries man



The Ram

“(they are) hard–handed men which never labour’d in their minds till now” — from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (V.i.72–3). That quote just helped me set the tone for this kind of a relationship. The Aries male can present the sweet and delicate Capricorn female with a number of obstacles. The poor man–child, as he will surely appear to be, is unruly and apparently undisciplined.

Not always, but to a more refined sign’s sensibility, the Aries male will come across as being not a great choice for these very reasons. The inherent difficulty here is the fact that the two signs square each other, that is, they are at right angles to one another. This isn’t always bad, but it will always be challenging. Now, a Capricorn female without a certain amount of challenge, is quickly bored. The Aries male will certainly rise to the occasion to provide those challenges.



The other thing to consider with a Cardinal Square like this, that is, a situation where two signs are cardinal and making this some times pejorative angle to each other, is that there will an attraction. Perhaps we should label this as a strong, physical attraction. While it’s not always the best basis for a relationship, there is some substance here that, if the Capricorn female is willing to work with the challenge, it can be a good thing.

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