Capricorn woman and Capricorn man

CapricornCapricorn: You guys deserve each other. Therein is the problem, too, because you’re both the same sign, and it’s a difficult sign, at best for some relationships, and two of you together can be really hard to get along with each other. It’s not impossible, though. Far from being impossible, it does have some merits, which are worthwhile, and, at times, make this relationship worth pursuing.

I’ve seen this pairing of same signs be more successful than most. Of course, each person brings a slightly different flavor to the Capricorn party. While the usual stuff about same sign relationship might apply here, it doesn’t always work. The Capricorn humor reaches a new zenith in this combination. It also reaches some exceptional lows, too. This is the only drawback. There’s a time to be serious and time to play. Certain tender moments don’t need to be punctuated with ribald humor. That’s the problem. Of course, some of those tender moments can turn into a comedy showcase at times. The problem begins when the comedy turns a little ugly, and that creates a situation where the showcase begins to resemble a monster truck mud arena.

Capricorn is a sign that is highly charged with a sense of duty and this sense of importance can cause some friction. Just make sure that there are some clear lines that you follow for resolving problems. Difficulties which go unattended can grow into giant sore spots with these two. But this is less likely to happen as long as you two do something to make sure you stay on the same page.

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