Capricorn woman and Gemini guy

Gemini: There are many fine qualities to be associated with a Gemini. There are many qualities to be associated with a lovely Capricorn. The two don’t always meet on this physical plane of existence, or so that’s been my experience. The problem with this relationship usually has to do with the Gemini. The Capricorn is not really at fault. The stress comes from the fact that the Gemini has 14 different schemes going whereas that sound and stable Capricorn is only working on about three at one time.

Some books give this at least a single thumb up. I can’t say that I’ve had much success with watching this relationship do much more than excite each sign to some of that sign’s worst behaviors. This is one of those that looks good on paper, but doesn’t seem to actually work in the real world.

To be sure, there is always something innately appealing about a Gemini guy. And the same thing that is so appealing in a social situation, so appealing in the short run, so appealing for quick period of time, so appealing at the moment, just doesn’t always stick in the long run.

At the core of this relationship is a very mutable air sign and a rather industrious but almost equally insouciant earth sign. Both signs have a lot of get up and go. That’s the problem. The Capricorn Earth never gets around to actually acting as the grounding agent for Mr. Gemini.

This is one that looks good on paper, but it doesn’t seem to work in the real world. And after all, there’s always that Capricorn humor which is a little obscure, and the Gemini might never get some of the dry jokes. Too bad because he’s missing a good deal.

In a few cases, this does work over a long period of time, but that speaks more to other elements in a chart than just raw sun signs, It also speaks to that lovely Capricorn tenacity, at least usually.

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