Capricorn woman and Leo man

The Leo

The Leo

Leo: The opposite of this relationship, the Leo girl and the Cap guy seems to work very well. Now, the reverse of this situation is okay, but it’s not nearly as good as its counterpart. The pieces are all here, the parts all fit, but there is also a subtle clash of ego driven desires and needs that don’t quite work as well as they should. A trip to the bookstore, and a copy of the best selling Mars and Venus book wouldn’t hurt. There’s a hierarchy of desires, not really needs, but things that are wanted, which sometimes encounters difficulties in this relationship.



A Cap girl is a strong and steadfast companion. So is a Leo guy. But there’s an interplay of personality where the Leo needs to know he is number one. And while a Cappy girl can certainly give into this little game on occasion, there are some instances where she doesn’t buy it. She just can’t admit he’s the best that there is. A Capricorn usually keeps something in reserve. It’s not like this is an inherent characteristic, it’s more like a learned behavior. Overcoming this sense of being unable to completely abandon herself to this relationship is the problem. If this problem is faced, the rewards are immense because there is nothing finer than a Capricorn. But it is a tough call. There’s some communication details that need to be worked out. There are some little difficulties with getting a message across to the Leo that is very important.

I’ve always maintained, and with good reason, that a Leo can usually detect an insincere moment. And it’s often a moment of hesitation for a Cap. While she’s not being insincere, it does come across that way to the Leo. This is where the friction starts. Is it curable? Sure. Is it worth it? It can be. But go back and hit the relationship books first. Learning how to communicate is what will make this relationship work.

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