Capricorn woman and Libra man

Libra: I typically don’t like to give much creditability to what some of the old texts suggest because these are two Cardinal signs. But a Libra guy can be molded to fit a Capricorn’s desire, if the conditions are right. If all the criteria are met, then this can work pretty well. It looks good from here, but I’m not Capricorn.

What are those conditions? Up front, the Cap girl has a right to a few things before even embarking on this journey. You are going to need a few things from him in order to pursue this: 1) financial statement (does he have a job) 2) Note from his Doctor (recent test results) 3) References from his last three girlfriends (what do they have to say about his skills?) The first two requests are obvious, but the third is a bit of a mind–boggling request.

References are important. If your Libra guy has dated nothing but “psycho girlfriends” for the last 10 years, what’s the chance that you get lumped into that category as well? The odds are definitely not in your favor with this one. If only one, say an ex–wife, was a “bit touched in the head,” then your odds are improving. Don’t be afraid to ask.

The Libra guy has a way with words. He has a way with convincing you, on the romantic front, that this relationship could work. But if you review his history of relationships, you’ll get a much more clear picture about whether this will work or not. It’s got hope, and there is always going to be an attraction for you two. Those darned old Libra guys can just be attractive at time, the right clothes, the right words, and the right touch of a little of romance. The sparks do fly. Just consider the target, and do a little background research before following up on this one.

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